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Where can you find diet plans?

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The best diet to go on is WEIGHT WATCHERS. I don't even refer it to a "diet plan" but "proper eating." With this program you have more freedom to go out and eat with friends and balance your calories. You'll lose weight, learn how to eat correctly without a great fuss that puts you off your schedule (it'a all to do with planning) and with exercise (anywhere from jogging, fast walking, to working out at the gym) with a balanced diet, 8 glasses of water a day (flushes out toxins and fats in the body) you'll be very pleased with the results. I lost over 40 lbs. on it and found it wasn't hard to maintain the proper eating habits throughout my life. I did slip a little going through menopause, but, got back to Weight Watchers and lost the 20 lbs., I needed to lose and never missed a heart-beat doing it. Fad or fast diets that promise you the loss of 5 or more lbs. per week is not healthy and you will be miserable on these diets and end up gaining not only the weight you lost, but more. Pills may deliver results to a degree, but are dangerous to your health and if you stop taking these pills you've learned nothing (but the time of day you need to take these pills) and your weight will come back on and more to boot. There are no "quick fixes" to staying the weight you want, so it's up to a person to make up their mind and fly right! If you can't afford to go to Weight Watchers I can give you the start of it and you'll get the general idea of how much to eat of what foods. I'll put you on my watchlist so I can keep track to see if you need further help. All you have to do is answer me on this post. Good luck

2006-08-08 21:02:30
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Q: Where can you find diet plans?
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Where can you find free protein diet plans?

One can find free protein diet plans from a number of websites. Such diet plans can be found on 'Livestrong', 'Web MD', 'LifeStyle', 'Fitday' and 'Free Dieting'.

Where can I find daily diet plans?

You can find these plans at all your favorite restaurants., Olive, Burger, etc. offer these diet plans for people who ask.

Where can i find a free diet plans?

You can find free diet plans on site such as jillianmichaels or subway. The sites will provide you with weekly meals from breakfast through dinner. Following these plans will lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

Where can I find diet meal plans?

A great website for fun diets is There are tons of meal plans for both men and women. Check it out for some great diet food.

Where can I find more information on diabetic diet plans?

You can find more information on diabetic diet plans through the Mayo Clinic or You can see different meal plans that are safe and healthy for a person with diabetes there.

Where can I go online to find some information on meabolic diet plans?

You can findmore info on metabolic diet plans by going on or something to find out the best diet for you and your body type and suggest some foods for you.

What sort of weekly diet plan can I get for free?

For free diet plans, you can find them online or at your local library. One great online source for free diet plans is that helps you track your food intake and exercise. You can find many diet plans in books checked out at your local library for free.

Where can I find a diet plan for free?

There are many diet plans for free in the internet. At, you can get started and create or follow diet plans absolutely free.

Are there any websites that can help me find free dieting?

There are websites that offer free diet tips and weight loss menus and exercise plans. 'Free Diet Plans' is one of them!

Where can I find quick and easy diet plans?

There are a number of resources you can use to find quick diet plans. Many are online such as at Weight Loss Lib and Moms Who Think.

Where can I find information on the web about following bariatric diet plans?

You can most definetly find information on the web about following bariatric diet plans is at the doctors office, because their you will find a lot of stuff and you will have a accurate stuff.

Where can I find examples of diabetes diet meal plans?

Diet meal plans can be found in stores world wide and every where diet foods are sold and there are plenty of places where you will be able to get what you are looking for.

Where can I find some high fiber diet plans?

High Fiber Diet plans can be found at . In the given link you will find an excellent amount of material needed for your diet.

Where can I find more information on diet plans for type 2 diabetes?

Making lifestyle changes can be hard. To find out more about changing your diet when you have diabetes, check out WebMD or You can also find diet plans online at websites like sparkpeople or live strong.

Are there any websites that can help me find cholesterol diet plan?

There are several Web sites that offer advice regarding cholesterol diet plans. One of which is:, which has advice from the American Heart Association and offers suggestions on diet plans and what to do and what not to do.

Where can I find free diet meal plans?

You can look online for these different free diet meal plans. while looking you can read the different reviews from all the other people who have tried these meal plans.

Where can I find the atkins diet mean plans?

You can find information on the atkins diet plan from several sources. the main source for the diet plan is going to be on the actual atkins diet web site.

Where online can I find a free diet plan for weight loss?

You can find free diet plans on the following site: They are a fantastic resource.

Where can I go online to find some information on diet plans for women?

Diet plans for women and men basically will contain the same foods. The exercise routines are what is actually different.���diet/���diet-plan-women-1005

Where can I find diet plans on line?

There are many different diet plans online such as This website offers everything you may be looking for including a calorie counter, diet and nutrition tips, and support to keep you motivated.

Where can I find diet food plans I can make at home?

There are tons of diet food plans people everyday chose to help them lose weight. One idea for the best diet food plans would be Neutrisystem. I think this because i used Neutrisystem and it worked amazingly for me.

Where can I find a reasonably priced diet plan?

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a weight loss & lifestyle program that was designed by the experts at the Mayo Clinic. The purpose is to help you lose weight by teaching healthy eating and habits to develop and healthy lifestyle. Detailed information can be viewed here

Can you find a free south beach diet meal plan online?

Yes, you can find free south beach diet meal plans online. The homepage for the South Beach Diet advisor will have free sample plans. As does the homepage for Weight Loss Resources in the UK.

Where can one find a gestational diabetes diet?

There are a number of different diet plans available for gestational diabetes. If one follows these plans it will be beneficial for one's condition. Information regarding the diet plan can be found on Intermountain Healthcare and one can find some great recipes on the Gestational Diet Recipes website.

Are there any websites that can help me find free weight loss diet plans?

There are a lot of free weight loss and diet plans on the internet. The best diet that I have heard the most people be successful with is called the Atkins diet.