Dieting and Weight Loss

Where can you find diet plans?

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2006-08-08 21:02:30

The best diet to go on is WEIGHT WATCHERS. I don't even refer it

to a "diet plan" but "proper eating." With this program you have

more freedom to go out and eat with friends and balance your

calories. You'll lose weight, learn how to eat correctly without a

great fuss that puts you off your schedule (it'a all to do with

planning) and with exercise (anywhere from jogging, fast walking,

to working out at the gym) with a balanced diet, 8 glasses of water

a day (flushes out toxins and fats in the body) you'll be very

pleased with the results. I lost over 40 lbs. on it and found it

wasn't hard to maintain the proper eating habits throughout my

life. I did slip a little going through menopause, but, got back to

Weight Watchers and lost the 20 lbs., I needed to lose and never

missed a heart-beat doing it. Fad or fast diets that promise you

the loss of 5 or more lbs. per week is not healthy and you will be

miserable on these diets and end up gaining not only the weight you

lost, but more. Pills may deliver results to a degree, but are

dangerous to your health and if you stop taking these pills you've

learned nothing (but the time of day you need to take these pills)

and your weight will come back on and more to boot. There are no

"quick fixes" to staying the weight you want, so it's up to a

person to make up their mind and fly right! If you can't afford to

go to Weight Watchers I can give you the start of it and you'll get

the general idea of how much to eat of what foods. I'll put you on

my watchlist so I can keep track to see if you need further help.

All you have to do is answer me on this post. Good luck

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