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Have you tried ebay? I have seen Baby Phat on there; not sure about sizes, but alot of times you can get stuff cheap.

2006-09-10 23:00:16
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What is the duration of Baby Clothes?

You can buy clothes for your baby on your own budget, the clothes on the website kimibear . are cheap and fashionable!

What is normal pricing for name brand baby clothes in a garage sale?

It depends on the condition. I would say a few bucks.

How do you have baby clothes for baby sims?

Buy your baby's clothes and dress them up as you like.There have a online store mainly sale kids clothes named Kimibear. They have many beautiful baby clothes and cheap price. You must can buy something you like at there.

How do you make baby clothes?

The clothes on kimibear website are cheap and fashionable, you can get something free!

How should you wash organic cotton clothes?

I use Dreft. It is mild baby detergent. Either hand wash warm or use the shortest cycle on your machine for colored clothes.

What will be the condition of the baby if parents have a blood type AB and O?

The child will either have type A or type B blood.

Can baby sims have clothes in The Sims 2?

Yes they can, you have to download them from either the official Sims site or a place like Mod the Sims.

What is a name for baby clothes?

If you want to differentiate by style, the baby's clothes have many names. Such as bodysuit/ romper for newborn baby. There have a online store named Kimibear, where have many pretty styles and great price. And they mainly sale kids clothes.

Can you have a baby with your clothes on?

If the clothing is pants, then you cannot have a baby with them on.

How do you give your baby clothes on babydow?

you buy the clothes then click on your baby then move do NOT click but move over the box next to care when your on that page srcoll down and you will find a seltion of clothes for your baby. .

Are all babay clothes stain resistant?

No. Not all baby clothes are stain resistant. I know this from experience. Allot of my daughters clothes have stains on them from when she was a baby.

What are baby clothes made from?

the same thing your clothes are made out of.

What is the cheat for baby clothes on sims 2?

There is no cheat to get baby clothes you have to download them from places like Mod the Sims.

Where can one buy zah collection baby clothes?

You can buy zah collection organic baby clothes at go natural baby

Where can you buy cute baby boy's clothes?

If you want buy some adorable baby clothes for your boy , check out the kimibear online shop, Thousands of styles and large discounts

Do baby clothes fit baby alive dolls?

Yes, they do! :)

How much do baby clothes cost at 3 months?

baby clothes for the first 3 months cost about $200 dollars

Is there anyway to be a baby on clubpenguin?

Where baby clothes and act like a baby? Kinda obvious.....

What stores sell matching baby doll clothes and toddler clothes?

If you are looking for baby clothes, I suggest Kimibear,com. This store often offers special offers

What do baby Austrians wear?


Does tight clothes affect the baby?


How do you get clothes on Baby Bottle Pop?

I don't know how to buy clothes, but I know how to customize him/her. First, click profile, then click baby. Then customize your baby with different eyes, mouths, hair, and clothes. when you're done click "Me Likey"

How much for a year supply of baby clothing?

It depends how much clothing you buy a year.

Where can you buy magnificent baby clothes?

I personally do shopping for my baby only at Shoppers Stop online store, where I get good clothes, baby accessories and better discounts. They have good collection for baby clothing & accessories.

Can baby's have clothes in the sims 3 and if so how?

Toddlers have buyable clothes, but babies don't. The only way to have a baby look as if its wearing clothes is to get a custom skin tone with clothes painted on the baby skin. However, they must inherit this skin from their parents and it means all babies from that family will have the same clothes. The website modthesims2 has some skintones with clothes painted on the baby skin, if you want to download them.