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Some contributions by WikiAnswers contributors: Here are a couple of bits of info about Liver-eating Johnson. Crow Killer: The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson @ www.codywyomingnet.com: "The grave of Liver Eating Johnston was relocated to Old Trail Town on June 8, 1974. During his colorful career, Johnston, who was born in 1824 and died in 1900, had been a trapper, hunter, wood hawk, army scout, marshal, and Civil War veteran. In recent years he has become well known from the 1972 movie "Jeremiah Johnson," which was based on Johnston's life. Over 2,000 people attended the reburial service for Liver Eating Johnston at Old Trail Town; probably the largest burial service in the history of Wyoming." Consult the book "Crow-Killer: The Saga of Liver-eating Johnston" by Raymond W. Thorpe. Found the following on: http://www.huntershotsprings.com/updates/liver.html Also a fiction book called Mountain Man by Vardis Fisher. John Johnson's obituary: Feb. 10, 1900 -Died in California- "Liver-Eating" Johnson, the Noted Scout Is No More Red Lodge Picket: John Johnson, known the country over as "Liver-Eating" Johnson, died at the National Soldiers' Home at Santa Monica, Cal., on Sunday, Jan. 22, and thus came to an end the earthly career of a trail-blazer and intrepid pioneer whose heroic exploits on the western plains are inseparably connected with the early history of the commonwealth of Montana. See web site: JohnLiverEatingJohnston.com ________ See three recent articles that I have written:

"Perceptions of a Mountain Man: John "Jeremiah Liver-Eating" Johnston at Old Trail Town, Cody, Wyoming." The Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Journal v.1 (2007): 93-106. Published by the Museum of the Mountain Man, Pinedale, Wyoming. "The Abandoned Scout's Revenge: Origins of the Crow Killer Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson," Annals of Wyoming v. 78 n. 4 (Autumn 2006): 2-17. Published by the Wyoming Historical Society. "A Hawken Rifle and Bowie Knife of John 'Liver-Eating' Johnson," Arms & Armour: Journal of the Royal Armouries, v. 3 n. 2 (October 2006): 159-170. Published by the Royal Armouries, Leeds, England. Nathan E. Bender

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