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Where can you find fashions of the women of the 1930s and 1940s?


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I Know That If A School Is Through Is Getting Rid Of Old Textbooks About Fashion And Design That Should Be The First Place You Should Look. Or Go On EBay And Search Old Fashion Design Textbooks. The Best Resources For Those Fashions Would Be The Fashion And Design Textbooks: ---- The Theroy Of Fashion Design By: Helen L. Brockman Published: 1965 ---- The Second Skin An Interdisciplinary Study Of Clothing By: Marilyn J. Horn Published: 1968 ---- Fashion Innovation And Marketing By: Kathryn Moore Greenwood/ Mary Fox Murphy Published: 1978 ---- Try The Textbooks It Listed Those Will Be The Biggest Help But Make Sure It Was Published In Those Years.


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I'd suggest searching eBay for postcards. Search for the topic(s) that you're interested in, omit the 1930s, and see what you find. Good luck!

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