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I've been looking for the same thing, and have found that YouTube videos are actually pretty helpful, particularly ones with subtitles and audio because you get a better feel for pronounciation.

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Where can you find the definitions of Arabic words in Arabic?

The best place to find definitions of Arabic words in Arabic is in an Arabic dictionary, either in book form or online.

Where can you find an Arabic Arabic dictionary?

you can order it online get it from a library or buy it from a book store

Is Egyptian Arabic language like western Arabic language or eastern Arabic language?

Although the majority of linguists group it with the Eastern Arabic dialect group, it still shares many similarities with Western Arabic as well. Some linguists agree that Egyptian Arabic constitutes its own group because it is still different from both groups in terms of phonology and semantics. Some similarities between Egyptian and Eastern,e.g, Standard Arabic: Waqtun (time) Eastern(Lebanese): Wa'et Western(Moroccan): Weqt Egyptian: Wa't Standard Arabic: Men (who) Eastern(Lebanese): meen Western(Moroccan): Ashkoon Egyptian: Meen Standard Arabic: Anaa uHibbuka (I love you) Eastern(Lebanese): Enaa bHibbaak Western(Moroccan): Kanebgheek Egyptian: Ana baHebbak Some similarities between Egyptian and Western, e.g, Standard Arabic: Rajulan (man) Eastern(Lebanese): Zalame Western(Moroccan): Rajel Egyptian: Raagil Standard Arabic: Ayna (where) Eastern(Lebanese): Wein Western(Moroccan): Feen Egyptian: Fein Standard Arabic: Lam yabda' (he didn't start) Eastern(Lebanese): Ma ballesh Western(Moroccan): Ma bida-sh Egyptian: Ma bada'-sh In some cases, although rarely, Eastern Arabic may share more with Western Arabic than Egyptian does, e.g, Standard Arabic: Kayfa (how) Eastern(Lebanese): Keef Western(Moroccan): Kifash Egyptian: Izzaay Standard Arabic: Bakaa (he cried) Eastern(Lebanese): Biki Western(Moroccan): Bika Egyptian: 'ayyat Standard Arabic: Sagheerun Eastern(Lebanese): Izgheer Western(Moroccan): Sgheer Egyptian: Sughayyar These are just a few terms that reflect the similarities between Egyptian Arabic and these two Dialect groups. You will more than likely find speakers of Egyptian Arabic who can comprehend Eastern Arabic with ease rather than Western Arabic. In terms of the structure of Egyptian, it is more similar to the Western varieties as shown above ^ with verb conjugations. However in terms of vocabulary and to some extent phonology, Egyptian is more similar to Eastern Arabic.

Where can I find instruction on how to properly use a home fire extinguisher?

you can check on the label you received with the home fire extenguisher . or you can go online and get the instruction online too

Where can I find the Mario Party 4 instruction manual online?

Where might one find Arabic Mehndi Designs online?

You can find Arabic Mehndi Designs online at the Style Craze website. Once on the website, type "Arabic Mehndi Designs" into the search box in the upper right-hand corner and press enter to bring up the designs.

What is the Egyptian word for freedom?

If you mean modern Egypt, they speak Arabic, and the word is حرية (hurriyya). If anyone knows the classical Egyptian language word for it, I'm trying to find that out, myself.

Where is the details of Arabic newspapers?

You can find information about the latest Arabic newspapers at their online counterparts such as Al-Bab and Arabic-Media. Arabic newspapers usually cover the latest events in the middle east as well as common events on the Arabic calender.

Where can one find Google in Arabic?

Google Arabic has its own online site with the suffix .ae. In addition, Google Translate is able to translate many languages to Arabic and vice versa.

Where can I find an online art class? you can find about free art work and if you love it you can do it .At Free Online Art Classes you will find information-rich art instruction presented in the simple, step-by-step format

Where can you find online computer support?

You can find it through your software/computer manufacturer, via your online computer support or chat rooms. You also can find this information in your instruction booklet that came with your computer. I have found these suggestions helpful to me.

Where can one find Ancient Egyptian art?

One can find examples of Ancient Egyptian art at museums around the world, though the most extensive collections are found in the country of Egypt. Photos of Ancient Egyptian art are also abundant in books and online.

Where can you find a Nerf vulcan eb25 instruction manual?

In the box I cant seem find one online anywhere, what do you need to know? Maybe i can help.

Where can I find online information about Arabic food?

This website has many recipes and details about the spices used in arabic food If you are interested in the nutritional value, the best site I found is

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Possibly at your local appliance parts store, or online.

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How can I Translate to Arabic language?

how can I find answers in Arabic language

Where can one find an instruction manual for a Nikon Coolpix digital camera?

Your Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera should have included an instruction manual packet. If you lost yours, the Nikon website will probably have some online instructions.

How do you find the variance using calculator?

The instructions for this vary a lot depending on your brand of calculator. The best way to find out is to dig out the instruction book (or google it - most companies put their instruction books online now). Not all calculators have a variance function, but most scientific calculators do.

How does an online driving school work and how can I find one?

There are online driving schools that can help you with your driving, but you will still need to have instruction with the actual driving part, and of course, experience in it. should help you.

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Where can I find furniture repair instructions online?

Furniture repair instructions can be found in many different websites. But in order to find the right instruction manual go to the company's website from whom you bought it from.

Where can you find translations or definitions in Arabic language?

You can find Arabic definitions at: You have to type in the word in English (i.e. SUGAR) but the definition comes up in Arabic. You need to be able to read the Arabic language. Hope this helped!

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