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That information can be found in the owners manual that comes with every vehicle.

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Q: Where can you find fuse charts that tell you which fuses go where?
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For some reason the cigarette lighter and the side mirrors stopped working which fuse it needs to be replace?

Find your main fuse box and examine the fuses. You can usually tell by looking at the fuses. Put the same fuse number/color back in if you find a blown one.

Where do i locate the head light fuses on a 1999 Mercedes v280?

find the fuse box it is a black plastic box you will find it eaither under the hood or in the trunk open it and you will find the fuse map wher eit will tell you which fuse is for the head light

Where does the blinker fuse go in a 1998 grand marquis there is no sticker to tell you.?

in the fuse block. it should tell you on the fuse block which is which blinker fuses are usually big and have a metal covering.

What different fuses are used for?

Hi I am here to tell you how mant fuses there are. There are around 5-10 different fuses. Here they all are for you. # Plug fuse # T.V fuse # Radio Fuse # Telephone fuse # Computer ( Tower) fuse # Printer fuse # Kettle fuse # Lighting fuse # Hairdryer fuse # Ironing fuse This is how many i got. SOME of them are probaly right and SOME of them are probaly wrong. But dont worry just go to google or ask Jeeves and you can find it out for your self . Here are the websites or Get clicking x

The parking lights are not working?

Check your fuses. The cars book should tell you where the fuse box is, and which fuse is for your parking lights.

What fuse do you replace for the horn?

I believe that it's either a 10 amp fuse or 20 amp. Check your fuses out. It should tell you.

What do each of the icons on a 1991 Pontiac Le Mans fuse box mean and how do you know what AMP fuses to use?

i do know what each of the symbols mean but you can tell what amp of fuses to use by looking at the top. you will find a number on there that you can use. just buy fuses with the same number. on that car they are either 10,20, or 30 amp fuses. i do not know what each of the symbols mean but you can tell what amp of fuses to use by looking at the top. you will find a number on there that you can use. just buy fuses with the same number. on that car they are either 10,20, or 30 amp fuses.

What number is the radio fuse in the 2006 charger?

Look in the owners manual and it will tell you all about your fuses.

How do tell which fuse is for the dashboard lights?

Turn on the dashboard lights, and start removing the fuses one by one. When the dashboard light turned off, that is the good fuse. If the dashboard fuse is burnt, start replacing the fuses one by one, and when the dashboard will light up that is the place of the burnt fuse.

How do you find the correct fuse for headlights on a 2005 Mazda 6?

Headlight fuses for this generation Mazda 6 should be located in the engine compartment fuse box. Pull the lid off the fuse box and flip it over. There should be a diagram there etched in the plastic to tell you what each fuse is for.

Why are my dash lights not working on a 2006 Chevy Malibu?

check your fuses, your owners manual will tell you the location of the fuse.

Where is the blinker fuses located on a 94 olds cutlass supreme?

Well, first of all, the bulb is going to go out *way* before the fuse itself. If your blinkers just stay steady, its a bulb.. if they don't come on at all, its probably a bulb, but just so you know, if you flip over the cover to your fuses, you should find a handy dandy little sticker, and it'll tell you the amps of each fuse, and what the fuse is for.

Where is the radio fuse located in a 1998 Cadillac Catera?

The battery fuse for the radio in the Catera is located in the fuse box underneath the steering wheel. There is a cover you have to remove and a guide to the fuses is imprinted on the inside of the cover, which will tell you which one is the correct fuse.

2002 Volkswagen beetle fuse panel diagram information?


Got this car heater and ac dont work radio dont work could it be fuses and if so how do you know which fuses go where?

look at the fuse panel or owners manuel it should tell you

Does anyone have a copy of a fuse box diagram for a 1998 frieghtliner fl80 so you know what fuses go where?

Yes I do. Tell me where to send it.

Where is the window fuses for a 1986 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

The fuse is in the fusebox but unless it's labled I couldn't tell you which one it is, just start checking all the fuses to make sure there all good unless you still have your owners manual and it will tell you in there.

Where is the fuse responsible for the windshield wipers located in a 1996 Ford F-150?

It is located in your fuse box. Check the plate you remove to get to the fuses and check there and it will tell you the one for the wipers

Where is the fuse for a jetta cigarette lighter?

It's located in the fuse box. Check you manuel and it will tell you where exactly. some fuses are located under the dash on the driver side, also under the hood.

How do you tell which fuse is which. Fuses in Cars or HOmes?

Fuses in cars are usually "blade" type, or a miniature blade type. They are flat and usually have a clear plastic colored housing stating the amp rating and provide a view to see if the fuse is blown. (wire inside will be broken) House fuses usually resemble shotgun shells. If I understand your question, that is.

How do you tell if your tail light fuse is blown?

When an electrical circuit in a car fails, the most likely reason is a blown fuse. The owner's manual will contain a diagram of the different fuses, each circuit identified. Identifying the possible fuse, from the manual, and then looking at the fuses physically, will most likely show which fuse is involved. There is also likely, a fuse diagram within the fuse box showing where each fuse is. The fuse needs to be visually inspected. Good fuses will show a shiny metal link on top. Blown fuses will show a dark gap. Sometimes, you need to pull the fuse out of the socket and look at it through the light. You can then see the broken link clearly. Another method of finding blown fuses is by using a volt meter. Normally, the voltage across a fuse is trivial, but when a fuse has blown, the voltage across it will be around 13 volts. This is because the circuit has been broken and the full battery voltage is across it. For a tail light, the lights need to be turned on when checking the voltage across the fuse.

How do you replace a fuse in an Acura tsx?

In your owners manual there are a couple pages that tell you where and how to replace the fuse in your Acura TSX. I have recently replaced a fuse of mine that powers my power outlets. There are two sets of fuses in the 2004 Acura TSX. One directly above the latch that pops open your hood and there is also one under your hood on the driver side which is enclosed by a box. Your owners manual will help guide you in finding the proper fuse box to replace the fuse you are searching for. There is a fuse "grabber" in the fuse box under the hood which will help you take out and put back the fuses effectively. There is also a detailed map of the fuses on the backside of the cover that encloses it to further assist you. There are also some replacement fuses in the fuse box located under the hood.

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How can you tell if you have Obsessive compulsive disorder ?

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What cause the headlights not to come on when you turn the switch on 1993 Mercedes?

You need to check your fuses. It could be as simple as a blown fuse. If not, it could be an electrical problem but that would need to be looked at by someone who knows cars. A fuse you should be able to do yourself. The fuse panel is normally located on the passenger side of the dash/center console. If you don't have the manual to tell you which fuse is for what this could be a long task. Just pull out fuses (making sure to replace them in the correct spot) until you spot a blown fuse if any. If you do find one, replace it with the correct fuse and you should be good to go.