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Q: Where can you find good game sprites?
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What is a good website to find game sprites?

How many shine sprites are in delfino plaza?

There are over 40 shine sprites in the Delfino Plaza for a player to find. The Shine sprites appeared in the Super Mario Sunshine game.

Were to find lifter sprites in spiderwick game?

all over the place

How do you make good game sprites?

Use a pencil and then photoshop your drawing...

Where are the sprites on harvest moon ds?

There is a total of 101 sprites on Harvest Moon, so you are better off going onto another site where they have listed all 101 sprites. Neoseeker is a really good site and on their you will find a thread which lists all sprites, what group they are from and how to find them.

How do you download sprites?

The best way to download sprites is to find a site that hosts them for free. Popular game sites include YoYo Games and Scratch.

Where can you find Final Fantasy 7 sprites?

Final Fantasy 7 did not have sprites. It was the first Final Fantasy game in which the characters were rendered in 3-D.

How do you find spiderwick real sprites?

Sprites are not real.

What are game sprites used for?

game sprites are the animated graphics you see in most games such as Mario running and jumping. game sprites are turned into objects/instances which perform actions such as running and jumping

Where can you find sprites of specific non-video game characters?


Where can you find Digimon World dawndusk sprites?

Use the Sprites Resource

What do you have to do to unpetrify the harvest goddess on harvest moon ds?

Well, you should have heard this in the game, but you need to find at least 60 harvest sprites and she will come back. There are 120, and once you find 60, you can do lots. Here is a guide about the sprites (all 120): Good luck!

Where can you find Pokemon sprites?

Type into google 'cave of dragonflies sprites' and click first one. then click on first frame for the game u want. download it then press 'extract all files' and put them all in a new folder. You now have all the sprites! :)

Where can you find Pikmin sprites?

Since the Pikmin games do not use sprites, they are none to be found. There may be unofficial custom sprites, though.

Why do you have to find all 60 sprites on harvest moon ds?

You have to save the Harvest Goddess with 60 sprites plus to get married you have to find 60 sprite. Theres 101 sprites in all.

Can you help me i need some sprites of stickman and bosses to make a game however gives me better sprites of stickman or bosses il make a online game with hes or shes sprites if its susesful the game?

you give us a better description of your bosses and stickmen?

How do you make sprites out of the creatures on spore-the game?

In your files, a file 'Spore' lies. It contains avatars and sprites.

How do you find 60 harvest sprites on harvest moon?

You can't, there's only 3 spirtes on the game(s).

Where can you find weapon sprites for Pivot 3.0?

One of the places to get Some pivot weapon sprites is then you look up sprites in the search engine....

How do you rescue 60 harvest sprites on harvest moon ds?

You have to find them by yourself. Copy and paste this link to know where and how to find them. You have to click in the orange section and click 101 sprites. Hope this helped. Good luck.

Where do you find Metroid prime game maker sprites?

you could make some metroid prime or you can go to sprite

Where do you find Ben 10 sprites?

Go to google and search "ben 10 sprites" and WAMMMMM!!!!vbgs

How many shine sprites to get to delphino airstrip mario sunshine?

you need to complete the game. if not, collect 80 shine sprites

What are Sonic sprites?

Sprites are graphics that are ripped from video games, mostly from older such. These sprites can be used for comics, animation or games. Sprites usually come in a big sheet of sprites with a background color like green or blue, to make it easy to separate the sprites from the background. Sonic sprites are sprites that are ripped from a Sonic the Hedgehog game. You can see Sonic sprites in action in flash animation on the net, for example in the Super Mario Bros Z series on

What is the best site for Pokemon game sprites?

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