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Almost any party hire store can provide cylinders of helium that are used to inflate helium balloons.

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Where is a common place to find helium?

Helium is found in the atmosphere.

Where can you find helium?

in the sun

Where to find helium gas?

you find helium gas as a by product from the sun .you also find it in a form of alpha particle . but the form we often use today is found in the atmosphere but it only 0.005 of our amothsphere is helium gas because a lot of the helium gas flouts away.

Is helium used in fire extinguishers?

No, helium is not used in fire extinguishers. We find carbon dioxide (CO2) in some extinguishers, but not helium.

Where would you find helium?

On Jupiter. Jupiter is 24% helium by mass, and 8-12% by volume.

What is the most common place to find helium?

Helium is a gas. It is found in traces in the Earth's atmosphere.

Where on earth can you find helium?

it is found in the atmosphere.

How much helium is inside a balloon?

multiply the balloons current volume by the density of the helium in it ,to find the amount of helium present. (if you can find that information) Or ask how much helium, in units of time, goes into the balloon and multiply it by how long it is filled, in the same unit value as the rate given.

Why is helium used in balloons instead of hydrogen in spite of the fact that hydrogen is much lighter in weight than helium?

It is easier to find helium than hydrogen

Would you find a moose in Australia?

No. You will not find a moose anywhere in Australia.

Does helium atom in the Sun have the same physical properties as helium atom on Earth?

The Helium Atom is the same throughout the universe, wherever you find it. It is true of all of the elements.

A scientist is studying the Sun's corona What will he find?

he will find lots of gas and helium

What are the common places to find helium?

It is found in the atmosphere.

How many neutrons would you expect to find in a helium atom?

There are several isotopes of Helium and they have different numbers of neutrons. The simplest and most common is Helium-4 which has two neutrons

How did Pierre janssen find helium?

he found it in the middle of an eclipse. he saw a yellow line across the sky which turned out be helium.

How many 12 inch helium balloons to lift 5 pounds?

you need to give dimensions (volume), find the lift given by one cubic inch of helium and find out from there.

Are helium atoms in the sun and a helium atom on Earth the same?

Helium is the same element wherever you find it, although in the sun it would be in an ionized form, and it is more likely to be unionized on Earth.

Where can you find helium-3?

The moon is said to contain abundant quantity of Helium-3. This Helium has formed over billion years by the solar wind in the upper regolith layer.

Can you find Sigma medicine in Australia?

yes,you can find sigma medicien products in Australia

Can you find helium in the environment or is it combined?

helium is an inert gas- that means that it is stable by itself and it NEVER makes bonds to form a compound you will never , ever find helium as part of a compound becase it is stable on its on (unless it is artifically combined in a lab , but never by nature)

What type of gas can you find on Uranus?

Hydrogen, Helium and Methane

Where can you find helium balloons in new zealand?

Helium grade balloons can be purchased at most large stationary stores, if you desire them to be filled with Helium then a gas supply store would be your best bet.

Can you find a koala bear in Australia?

You will find a koala in Australia.You will not find a koala bear in Australia, because no such creature exists. Koalas are marsupials, and are not related to bears in any way.

Where can one find a camper in Australia?

Campers can be found in Australia through websites such as Camperman Australia and Find A Camper Australia. These websites offer cheap services for camper rentals.

Where can I find helium?

Helium is not found on its own naturally. There are traces of it in the atmosphere and it is also found in natural gas. It primarily exists in the sun and stars.