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I have a 16 guage Excel single shot. At the base of the trigger guard is the # 90425XG. It was given to my father-in-law about 70 years ago. Other than that I don't know the exact age of the gun. -- Montgomery Wards -- EXCEL was a trade name used by Montgomer Wards on shotguns they retailed c.1900-1920. Some of the shotguns were made by Iver Johnson, some were sold to Wards by H&D Folsom (and were probably Crescent manufacture).

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Q: Where can you find info on a top break 16 gauge single barrel shotgun with the only marking is EXCEL on the side?
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How do you take the barrel off of a excel single barrel shotgun?

Take it to a gunsmith

Is it safe to fire an Excel single shot w gauge shotgun serial 7135?

Is this shotgun manufactured with a twist steel barrel

What is an Excel 10 mor 8 gauge single barrel shotgun worth?

Depends if its damascus steel or not.

Where do you find the serial number for excel shotgun?

look on the breach, barrel.

Where can you find parts on a single shot EXCEL shotgun?

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation have most, if not all of the parts for an Excel shotgun. They are located in West Hurley, NY.

How old is a Excel single shot 20 gauge shotgun?


Can smokeless powder shells be used in a 20 gauge Excel shotgun?

as long as it is not a damascus barrel and is in safe working order yes i only use vintage single shots and use modern shells all the time but rember NEVER NEVER in a damascus barrel

What is the value of a 12 gauge Excel single shot shotgun with the numbers B10071E?

Under $100.

Where can you find the manufacture date value ect for an Excel 12 gauge shotgun serial 357238xg?

This trade name was used by both Crescent Fire Arms and Iver Johnson. If it is a single shot, it will be worth $35 to $75, and if a double barrel shotgun, from $100 to $250, depending on condition.

What year was the Excel 410 caliver break-open shotgun single shot serial number 98070XF?

No published sn data

What years did Iver Johnson make 410 single shot shotgun?

Iver Johnston made 4 different models of single shot shotguns from the year 1909-1978.The model 36 champion was from 1909-1922,the champion model 39 was from 1909-1916.the excel model was from 1910-1935,and finally the champion single barrel model from 1923-1978.

Who manufactured a single shot shotgun 16 gauge with Excel stamped on it?

Excel was a trade name used by HD Folsom Arms and Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works on shotguns made for Montgomery Wards.

Are there pictures of excel 410 shotgun?


What gauge is your excel shotgun?

Have it examined by a gunsmith

What is the age of a 16 gauge Excel shotgun?

Before WW2.

What is a excel 12ga shotgun?

Turn of the century, inexpensive arm.

What is the value of a 16 gauge excel shotgun?

50-100 or so

What is the price for a shotgun excel serial?

0-150 USD or so

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Where can you get a barrel for a 12 gauge single shot receiver stamped EXCEL that fits a stock from an Iver Johnson but not the barrel?

Iver Johnson did use the 'EXCEL' trade name for some hardware store guns. However, the guns are earlier than the more common Iver Johnson Champion model and Champion barrels will not fit the EXCEL marked frames. You will have to keep searching the internet, eBay, etc, and hope that somebody puts one out for sale.

I have an Excel .410 ga. shotgun with serial?

What does this gun sell for?

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Who made the Excel shotgun?

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What year was the excel shotgun serial number 31378 made?

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