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Not a lot of information. It was a trade name retailed (I believe) by H&D Folsom of New York City. The guns were made by Crescent, Crescent-Davis, and/or Stevens c. 1890-1940.

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Q: Where can you find information about Knickerbocker shotguns?
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How do you find the date Knickerbocker shotguns were made?

Knickerbocker was a house brand name for Crescent Arms shotguns distributed by HD Folsom. All you can know for sure is that it was made before 1915.

Where can you find information on 16 Ga shotguns?

On the internet.

Where can you find information on Washington arms shotguns?


What is the value of a 12 gauge Knickerbocker shotgun serial 68535 with a full choke in both barrels?

KNICKERBOCKER shotguns in 12ga generally sell for around $300. There were several variations.

How do you find information about Russell Arms co shotguns?

You can find information about Russell Arms Co. shotguns online at places like Gun Trader or at many local gun stores. You can also find information online at Shotgun World or Arms List.

Where can you find information on Nikko shotguns?

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Any information on a double 18 inch barrel hammerless knickerbocker?

Your Knickerbocker shotgun was mad by the firm Cresent firearms Co.They were in business between 1880,s up till 1932.This firm made many shotguns under different hardware store names,of which yours is one.These were utility grade shotguns made for the general public and many farm owners of the day.there price was resonable for the working familiy,s of the time.

Where can you find a replacement stock for a Knickerbocker double barrel shotgun serial 13640?

Will have to be made. Semi-inletted stocks for Crescent Hammerless shotguns can be had for around $40, but require quite a bit of expert work to finish.

How old is a American gun company double barrel knickerbocker?

The name American Gun Company was a trade mark of the Cresent Firearms Company.This company was in business from 1888-1931.The double barrel shotguns of this company were started in the year 1891.The Knickerbocker shotgun was started during the 1900,s.The knickerbocker shotguns were of a barrel length of 14 inches and chambered in 20 gauge.The barrels should be of nickel finish.A case hardened receiver,and pistol grip stock.

Where can I find Consolidated Edison's old logo Mr Knickerbocker?

pictuer of Mr Knickerbocker con Edison logo

What is a Knickerbocker double barrel shotgun with the serial 5309 worth?

my brother has one and these shotguns are very rare.his appraised for 1,200 and that was 15 years ago

How Can you find out information about your shotguns from their serial numbers?

If data has been published, you might be able to find out the date made and specific model.

Where can you get information about Browning shotguns?

How do you find information on New England Firearms Mini Pardner shotguns?

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Where can you find information about Stevens shotguns?

the value of a 1948 Stevens double barrel shotgun 16 gauge. Hammerless.

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How can you find info on Spanish shotguns?

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Information and parts for knickerbocker shotgun made by American gun co?

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Who makes nikko shotguns where are they made?

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