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Where can you find information about Sally's Stage in Chicago?


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Sally's Stage was located on the East side of Western Avenue about a half block south of Devon. It probably closed 20 years ago and the site may now be a Middle Eastern or Indian restaurant. It had a huge pipe organ. Accd to, the organist was: "Highly accomplished theater organist, Don Springer, plays music from the 1920's - 40's including those sweet and happy toe-tapping melodies everyone enjoys. He is the former organist in residence at the Hinsdale Theater in Hinsdale IL and played the Barton Theater Pipe Organ for years as the senior organist at the unconventional and wildly popular Sally's Stage in Chicago, IL during the 1980's." Sally's was owned by a guy named Joe Bortz. He purchased the building that housed Sally's Ribs up on Western Ave. and turned it into Sally's Stage. Accd to some "a cathedral of convoluted bad taste bringing together roller skating singing waiters, a huge theatrical pipe organ and some of the most mediocre pan Pizza ever tasted, all in one cavernous room." It also had a mechanical bull. Joe also owned and founded the Dr. Jazz Ice Cream parlors on Montrose and in Evanston. A ProQuest search of the Chicago Tribune turns up 142 articles and advertiisements. These are the lengthiest articles: Night scene; Sally's Stage serves up its heaping dish of comic corn Larry Kart. Chicago Tribune Jul 17, 1977. p. E8 OPENER; You can find it at Sally's Cheryl Lavin. Chicago Tribune Oct 9, 1977. p. H10 Dining; Fun vies with food at Sally's, Squadron Fran Zell. Chicago Tribune Oct 14, 1979. p. D12 Cabarets; Strangeness inl the night: Clubs that thrive on off-the-wall fun Night life that marches to an offbeat drummer Here's where to trip the night fantastically Steven Morris. Chicago Tribune Jul 10, 1981. p. B1 CABARETS; Clubs' brave experiment: Opening doors to music fans who aren't old enough to drink Lynn Van Matre. Chicago Tribune May 2, 1982. p. G18 A new credo: Be unusual, land a diner; Restaurateurs often find that it takes something extra Edie Cohen. Chicago Tribune Apr 26, 1985. p. F5 From what I KNOW, Sally's Stage opened in 1969, And closed sometime in the late 1980's-Early 1990's. Probably the first years I described, And at one time was an Estee Sleep Shop; Which sold bedding, etc.

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