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Manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms or W H Davenport for H & G Lipscomb & Co. The Davenport product will include the patent date Aug 11 '96.

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Who invented the breech loading rifle?

The breech-loading rifle was invented by Captain Patrick Ferguson of Pitfours, Scotland, hence the Ferguson rifle.

Breech-loading firearms makers marks?

Need detailed description of all markings on weapon.

American inventor of breech loading rifle?

He wasn't American, he was a Scot. The breech-loading rifle was invented by Captain Patrick Ferguson of Pitfours, Scotland, hence the Ferguson rifle.

What is the sliding bar in a breech loading firearm?

what model firearms ???

What is the effect of the muzzle loader to breech loading rifles?

Breech loading firearms can be reloaded much more quickly, they can be reloaded when moving, and they are easy to reload when lying down. The muzzleloader must be loaded when standing upright.

When were rifled breech loading firearms introduced?

About the time of the American Civil War- in the 1860s. The Spencer was a cartridge firing, breech loading, rifled repeater. The Burnside used a metal cartridge and a tape primer. The Sharps (as in Sharpshooter) used a paper cartridge, but was a breech loader. One breech loader saw limited use by a few British soldiers during the American revolution- the Howe. It was a flintlock, but loaded from the breech.

How much did the Martini Henry Breech Loading rifle cost?

@ 2 USD

When was the breech-loading rifle invented?

It was invented in 1851 by Edward Maynard

What was the first breech loading rifle to be used in actual combat?

The Ferguson Rifle

What is a Belgium breech loading single shot rifle?

Browning has made one in the past

What inventions helped the Europeans to colonize Africa?

The breech loading musket and later, the rifle.

Who made 32 rimfire breech-loading rifles?

Mostly European makers.

Where are sheridan pellet gun serial numbers located?

Usually just below the loading breech.

Where are the markings on a sheridan air rifle?

If there are any they usually are on the barrel close to the loading breech or above the trigger.

How many kinds of breech loading rifles were there?

A lot! Breech loading simply means loaded from the rear of the barrel, instead of the muzzle. There are "trapdoor" rifles, top break, bolt action, lever action, autoloading, pumps, "twist" action, and a few others that did not really work out.

What was the impact of the breech loading firearms to the U.S?

Not just the US, but all military forces- for the first time, you could fire and reload quickly- while not standing up! Breech loading firearms meant a rifleman could fire from cover, and not while standing exposed to enemy fire.

Who developed a breech loading rifle better than most gun in use in the civil war?

sharps carbine

Need information on 12 ga double barrel external hammers serial number 61 cannot read last nunbers?

The numbers probably aren't important, but the manufacturer, trade name, and/or model ID are before we can give you any information. Is it a muzzle-loading or breech-loading gun? And are the hammers behind the barrels or mounted on the sides?

How do you unjam a pellet pistol?

You will need a .177 caliber cleaning rod to push the pellet back into the loading breech from the barrel.

What is the history of a breech loading double barrel shotgun made by Star Arms Company with Fine Damascus Belgium on the 30 inch barrels and BELGIUM in the breech with numbers 1403 and 14732 and 19?

No published history on the company.

What kind of guns were used in the Battle of Gettysburg?

The vast majority of weapons at Gettysburg were muzzle loading percussion cap rifles. The artillery was rifled, muzzle loading, lanyard fired cannon. The Union cavalry used breech loading Sharps carbines, for the most part.

What weapons were used in the Battle of Gettysburg?

The main infantry weapon on both sides was the muzzle loading percussion cap rifle. Artillery was also rifled. The Union cavalry used breech loading Sharps carbines.

Were all civil war union cavalrymen issued pistols including privates?

No. Enlisted men had muskets and later breech-loading carbines.

What weapons were used in Battle of Gettysburg?

The main infantry weapon on both sides was the muzzle loading percussion cap rifle. The main artillery piece as a rifled, muzzle loading cannon. Union cavalry troops used a breech loading Sharps carbine, for the most part.

Breech-loading Winchester falling block 30-40 krag?

What you are asking about is a Model 1885. Depending upon when exactly it was made (the serial number will tell us that), it should be marked either "30 U.S." or "30 ARMY".

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