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Crescent Arms was located in Norwich, Connecticut, from 1892 until 1932. The company was owned by H&D Folsom Sporting Goods of New York from 1893 until 1931 when it was purchased by Stevens/Savage. Although your gun may be priceless to you as a family heirloom, it is not a rare collectible and a similar shotgun new with a warrantee can be purchased for less than $100, so it is worth very little.

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Where can you find parts for a 12 gauge Crescent Victor Ejector shotgun?

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What is a 32 single barrel shotgun manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Company worth?

Do you mean a 1932 Victor Ejector model? Do you mean a 1932 Victor Ejector model?

Where can you get parts for a 20 gauge Victor Ejector?

Typical Crescent single-barrel shotgun. I have a good supply of parts.

How much is a 12 gauge No. 15 Empire Ejector Crescent Firearms single shot shotgun worth?

50-150 USD

How much is a 20 gauge victor ejector shotgun worth?

how much is a gauge victor ejector shotgun worth

Where can you get a firing pin for crescent firearm no 15 empire ejector 12ga shotgun?

No new parts would be available, but a competent gunsmith could probably make one.

Where can you get a forearm for a Crescent firearm No 15 Empire Ejector 12ga shotgun?

go to then look under misc. shotguns the fore arms are $25.00 i just ordered one myself

What is the approximate date of manufacture for a single barrel utility shotgun made by Crescent Firearms Co of Norwich Conn with the name Victor Ejector?

It would be somewhere between 1893 and 1930.

What is the value of a No 15 Empire Ejector 12 gauge shotgun in good shape?

These single-barrel Crescent shotguns range from < $50 as a parts gun, to maybe $100 if in excellent shape.

What is the value of a Crescent Victor Ejector 16 gauge single shot shotgun in fair condition serial 596589?

Recent auction show any where from $60 - 75.00 based on the condition.

HIW OLD IS Victor ejector 12 ga shotgun?

victor ejector 12 ga break action

Where can you find information on a Lakeside shotgun?

Manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms, sold by Montgomery Ward.

What is the value of a Columbia Arms shotgun ejector model 1895?

The value of the gun depends a lot on the condition. A Columbia Arms Shotgun ejector model could be anywhere from $100 to $1,800.

How much is a Crescent 410 shotgun number 135 worth?

I can't help with the "number 135" designation, but Crescent Arms Co. .410 shotguns can range in value from almost nothing (for a utility single shot model with exposed hammer in poor condition) to over $1,000 for a Crescent Certified Shotgun or New Empire in perfect condition (these have factory 12 1/2" barrels and are SUBJECT TO ATF III ATF REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS (and seizure if currently unregistered). Finally, if it is a 12" Victor Ejector, extreme rarity prevents any price estimate. Assuming you have a standard side-by-side, values can exceed $400 for 100% condition guns (with premiums for exposed hammers and/or sidelock actions).

How old is a victor ejector American gun company 12 gauge serial number 322878?

Victor shotguns were made by crescent firearms from 1904 to 1920. You can assume your shotgun is at least 90 +/- years old.

What is the value of a Victor Ejector Connecticut Arms Newark Conn 20 gauge single shot shotgun and who made them?

They were made by Crescent Firearms, and value would be under $100 even in excellent condition.

What year was this 12 gauge Victor Ejector serial number 360352 made. Any idea if there is any historical value. It appears to be an old piece of junk?

the Victor line of shotguns were made by Crescent Firearms Company, circa 1904-1920 Crescent was a sub contractor for many different shotgun distributors........... Crescent firearms were not high on collectors list..................

What is a crescent double barreledhammerless shotgun from crescent firearms from norwich conn worth?


What were Crescent shotgun stocks made of?


Can you give me the history and price of a 410 single shot shotgun made by the Crescent Firearms Co in Norwich Conn It is called a Empiro Ejector.?

Around 1892 Crescent firearms manufactured shotguns under a variety of names. In 1930 H & D Folsom Arms sold their Crescent Fire Arms company to Savage Arms and Savage combined Crescent with Davis Warner Arms Corp., as Crescent-Davis Arms Corporation. Your shotguns value, in good condition, is about $150.

Where can you find parts for a Crescent shotgun?

I have a complete 90% Crescent 12 ga 100,00 yours..

What information on a Nitro Hunter Shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped Belknap Hdwre and Mfg serial A 4472?

nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

How do you repair ejector hook on browning shotgun?

Best left to the factory trained techs in MO

How do you find the age of a single barrel Crescent Firearms shotgun?

Circa 1890-1930. Would have to have more information to get closer.

Any information out there about the FA Loomis shotgun made by Crescent Fire Arms?

Low cost, utility grade; made @ turn of the century