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The Blue Book says the No 530 was made from 1936 to 1942, but the 14C indicates manufacture in 1951.

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Where can you find information about Stevens 53c trigger guard?


What is the age and value of a 20 gauge J Stevens Arms Company Springfield side by side double barrel manufactured in Chicopee Falls Mass USA?

I too would like some information regarding a 20 gauge J. Stevens Arms Company 'Springfield' double barrel shotgun, the only other markings are 5000 on the right side plate and a circled 22 near the trigger guard.

Which trigger fires what barrel on Stevens 5100?

front trigger fires right barrel. back trigger fires left. boone

You have inherited a shotgun marked choked bore pat applied for falls arms co chicopee mass with nitro special on the side and stamped kk947 behind the trigger can you tell you anything about it?

It was made by J. Stevens Arms (division of Savage Arms) sometime after 1920.

Has anyone heard of a Springfield Stevens model 5000 410 double barrel with a single trigger?

I have one. Case hardened receiver, solid rib. Interestingly, in looking a the single trigger, there is a slot next to it (underside of receiver)which contains a piece of metal which does not protrude below the receiver. It's as if it was a double trigger converted to single trigger. I have no idea. It was made before 1948. I use it to this day, got four chuckars just yesterday. It just puzzles me. The side of the receiver says Stevens and next to it "model 5000" and it has an engraving of a pointer on the receiver as well. ????

Where can you buy a trigger guard for a JC Higgins 101.7 shotgun?

Made by Savage/Stevens. We have trigger guards.

Where can you find information about an Ithaca double barrel double trigger shotgun serial 324199? - This guy worked for Ithaca, supposedly the best., this guy did the engraving for them. good luck

What is the value of a 22 caliber J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Massachusetts Favorite serial T157 single shot lever action rifle patented 1915 with a curled trigger guard?

it was a child's first gun. one in excellent condition is probably woth $100.00

How old is a 12-gauge pump Riverside Arms shotgun made in Chicopee Falls MA with four numbers on the trigger guard which are not legible except first one which is a 7?

Riverside Arms was a tradename used by Stevens and later by Savage. Would help to know what other markings are on the gun.

What is value of Belgium made Browning 22 long rifle with engraving around trigger?

Is it a bolt, pump or semi-auto? What are the markings on it? Serial number? Are you saying the only engraving is around the trigger? None on the receiver? Without knowing these answers, you might be in a 200-2000 price range.

How can you tell if a 16 gauge Stevens double barrel serial h-234xx marked J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass US patented April 20 1915 is a Model 335 or a 311?

A 335 may have the model number on the bottom metal just ahead of the trigger guard, at least mine does. The lettering is very small, shallow, and hard to read. Mine says "MODEL 335".

On a model 5100 j Stevens 12ga what are the numbers on the trigger and does the value go up with a single trigger?

I don't know what the numbers on the trigger are unless they are a part number, but you can add about 25% to the asking price for a single selective trigger.

Trigger guard for Stevens 16 gage shot gun?


Where can you find a trigger guard for a j Stevens mod 84c 22 rifle?

The Stevens 84C (Stevens was owned by Savage Arms, and the 84C is the same as the Savage 4C) was made with two different trigger guards during its production life. One was a simple curved steel trigger guard that was mounted to the surface of the stock. The other was a larger cast aluminum alloy trigger guard that fit into an "inlet" (cutout area) on the stock. Both types of trigger guards are still available (in Jan 2012) from Numrich (aka Gun Parts Corp)

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Co side by side 410 two trigger stamped Chicopee Falls Mass USA patented April 20 1915?

I am not sure about the 410 but a 12ga. is anywhere from $400 to $200 depending on the condition. I have just researched this and found that it is a model 330 made between 1926-1935. Hope this helps.

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co Crackshot marked Chicopee Falls Ma USA patent applied for?

Model 16 Crackshot (thumb lever) is average condition is usually between $125 and $200. Model 26 (under-trigger lever) is worth less, usually $75 to $175. Condition determines value.

When did Stevens make a double barrel shotgun with 3 triggers?

The front trigger opened the breach.

What is the value of a Stevens favorite model 1915 with P8 behind the trigger?

15,000 - 20,000 U.S DOLLARS

Model SD14A 410 Western Field?

This is a stevens model 39A. The stevens 59A, B and C all had the takedown screw in front of the trigger guard.

Any place that you can fine a diagram of the trigger group for a Stevens model 124 shot gun?

Contact customer service thru the website at Savage firearms. Stevens is owned by Savage.

What is the Difference between Grade 1 and Grade 2 BL-22 Browning?

checkered stock, gold trigger, receiver engraving, and price.

Where can you buy a trigger guard for a springfield model 56 22lr?

Try gunbroker. Pull up Stevens 56.

What is the value of a sweet sixteen shotgun dated from 1951 serial number X 44476 without a gold trigger but has all the engraving?

100-1000 USD

Where can you get information about a Stevens Marksman rifle marked J. Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass USA?

This is one of several Stevens' boy's rifles dating from the late 19th and early 20th century, made in Chicopee Falls, Mass. They sold for less than ten dollars each, some for less than five. Remember, that was a week's wages for many! This model has an external hammer and an under lever/trigger guard, which when pulled down, allows the rifle to hinge in the middle, similar to a double barrelled shotgun. Upon opening, the extractor catches the rim of the case and frees it from the chamber so that it can be removed. The open chamber is now ready to reload. Closing the action brings the hammmer to half-cock. The hammer must be manually cocked to fire. These little rifles were made in .22, .25, and .32 rimfire. There were also .410 and .44 shot models on the same type action, though they were called by another name. Dating can be done somewhat by the exact use of the name. If I remember, I think "J. Stevens A & T" was used before and almost up to 1900. "J. Stevens Arms and Tool" was used after the turn of the century. "Stevens Arms" was used after about 1910 until Savage bought them out in 1920. After that Stevens was still used as a brand, but there was also a Savage logo nearby.

Stevens model 520?

It is one type of gun.It has 2 step squared off reciver with " J stevens arm copany" stamped on the left side and the safety located inside the trigger guard.