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The marking is "Cruso", the 'c' is part of the rooster. Cruso is a brand used by Hibbard, Spencer, and Bartlett, a Chicago based wholesale hardware house. They sold products to local hardware retailers. The Cruso guns were contracted by HSB to companies like Crescent, Stevens, Savage, etc, who made inexpensive firearms, usually shotguns, for other companies. These guns should be inspected by a gunsmith before attempting to shoot them. Modern ammunition has hotter powder than these guns were made for which could make them dangerous to shoot.

HSB made a variety of objects with the Cruso name on them including padlocks, tools, tinware, livestock supplies, sporting goods, and the list goes on and on..

Other brands used by HSB are OVB (Our Very Best), Rev-O-Noc, True Value, Il-A-Noy, and others.

HSB products are somewhat collectible. is a place to start.

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Q: Where can you find information about a 410 single action shotgun marked HSB Co Ruso Chicago with a roster engraved around Ruso?
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