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You can find information right here on WikiAnswers. You have a Magnum 12 ga shotgun made in 1969. Ask your questions, and we will try to assist. If we can't provide what you need we should be able to tell you how and where to get it.


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You will have to carefully note exactly how the gun is marked, first.

It will be marked on the barrel. The barrel is marked "Made in Portugal".

It wil be marked on the barrel.

This is a Belgian made A5 which is a Standard weight 16 gauge made in 1956.

Browning Shotguns were marked with this address from 1923-1931.

The barrel will be marked "Made in Belgium"

Marked on the barrel where it is made.

e They are marked on the barrel.

It will be marked on the receiver/barrel.

No way to tell. The sn you list does not follow the standard Browning system listed here

Exactly how is the pistol marked? 9mm browning serial number 72C44338

The Stevens Model 520 was built on a Browning patent and so marked. Stevens also built the gun for Sears before World War II under the 'Ranger' tradename, so if you have a slide-action shotgun marked 'Ranger' and 'Browning Patent' then that is what you have.

This is a Sweet 16 made in 1956

It will be marked if it is Belgian made.

Could it be that your browning hi-power is marked 70C19171? If it is then it was made in 1970.

This gun was made in 1928. The barrel will be marked as Browning Arms Co. Ogden Utah.

It will be marked on the receiver/barrel where it was made.

It will be marked on the botton of the receiver.

It will be marked on the barrel or receiver regarding where it was made.

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