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There's not much information about any particular Crescent firearm, but the company operated from 1892 to 1932 as a subsidiary of H&D Folsom Sporting Goods. The company produced millions of single and double barrel shotguns with over 100 different trade names. Crescent was purchased by the Stevens division of Savage Arms and merged with another purchased company as Crescent-Davis for a few years and then disappeared into the Stevens operation.

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Are genuine diamond the same as a real diamond?


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What is the value of a diamond firearms 12 gauge shotgun circa 1800 to 1905 worth?

Diamond Arms Co. shotguns were made by the Crescent Firearms Manufacturing Company of Norwich Conn. They made good quality inexpensive single and double barrel shotguns from 1892 until they were bought out by the J Stevens Company in 1930. They were made in both Damascus twist barrels and Armory steel barrels and should likely never again be fired. Crescent produced huge numbers of "Hardware Guns", meaning that a run of guns would be marked specifically for a hardware store that wanted to sell them. The Diamond Arms guns were made for the Shapleigh Hardware Co. of St. Louis.

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Model number?