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Where can you find information about a Hercules 12 gauge with 2 V stamped near the action?


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2018-04-28 22:11:55
2018-04-28 22:11:55

This name was used by Montgomery Ward on guns manufactured by Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works and J. Stevens Arms Company.


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Wards Hercules 410 was made by different manufacturers through out it's history. The early models from the 1920's had no model number just "PROOF TESTED 410 GAUGE" stamped on the left side and "SELECTED FORGED STEEL" stamped on the right side of the barrel. Model numbers were stamped on later guns. They usually don't fetch much $$

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You need to post the model number of the gun. It will be stamped right into the barrel.

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Open the action. It is stamped on the water table, which is the flat part of the frame where the barrels sit.

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Cant find information on a kessler bolt action rifle from 1950

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