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This name was used by Montgomery Ward on guns manufactured by Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works and J. Stevens Arms Company.

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Q: Where can you find information about a Hercules 12 gauge with 2 V stamped near the action?
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What is the value of a 1929 Model Montgomery Ward Hercules 410 shotgun?

Wards Hercules 410 was made by different manufacturers through out it's history. The early models from the 1920's had no model number just "PROOF TESTED 410 GAUGE" stamped on the left side and "SELECTED FORGED STEEL" stamped on the right side of the barrel. Model numbers were stamped on later guns. They usually don't fetch much $$

How do I find information on a single-shot shotgun stamped Norwich Arms Co serial 132242 possibly a 10-gauge?

Blue Book of Gun Values

Where can you find information about a TBarker 410 gauge single shot break action shotgun?


You are trying to find the year of a Winchester 16 gauge pump action rifle serial 1308907?

You need to post the model number of the gun. It will be stamped right into the barrel.

Where can you find the serial on a Lefever double barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

Open the action. It is stamped on the water table, which is the flat part of the frame where the barrels sit.

What is the age of western field model 30 12 gauge bolt action?

Cant find information on a kessler bolt action rifle from 1950

What is the value of a bolt action single shot 16 gauge shotgun?

i have a bolt action shot gun stamped with E L G i think its early 1900 made in belguim also would like to know value?

What is the value for 12 gauge single shot Hercules rifle?

25-100 USD, 12 gauge is a shotgun, not a rifle.

How old is my Remington model 1100 12 gauge serial L301462V?

They are date code stamped on the barrel, see related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

Who made a 16 gauge shotgun with World's Fair stamped on it?

Hopkins & Allen

1918 Hercules 12 gauge shotgun value?

50-100 USD or so

What is a Wards Hercules 16 gauge model 50 worth?

It is worth $50-100.

What is a Wards Hercules single barrel 16 gauge shotgun worth?


How can you tell if a Montgomery Ward Hercules 12 gauge shotgun was made by Iver Johnson or J Stevens?

Hercules was made by Iver Johnson from 1918-1943, Hercules name dropped in late 30's!

Where is the serial number on a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun?

Typically they are stamped on the receiver of the auto and pump action shotguns either on the bottom or the side. Low and moderate priced bolt action shotguns produced in the 1940's and 50's may not have had serial numbers. Later bolt action guns had the serial number stamped on the receiver, usually the side. Serial numbers were not mandated until 1968. You may not have one.

Did Western Field make a 410 gauge Model 30?

A Western Field Mod 30 is a Savage Mod 520 Model 30 (based on Stevens/Savage 520) was a pump action shotgun and came in 12 and 16 gauge, but NOT 20 gauge or .410 gauge. Model 30 (based on Kessler model 30C) was a bolt action shotgun and also only came in 12 and 16 gauge. There is some confusion about model 30 Western Fields because there were two very different variations, both pump and bolt action types. If your Western Field shotgun only has "model 30" stamped on it, with no other alpha-numeric designation such as 25EKN or SB526, then it is likely a pump action 12 gauge.

Who made 12 gauge single action shotgun 54044 NF?

Not enough information to answer that question. Need to know the other markings.

Where is the gauge stamped on a lefever shotgun?

If it is a double, remove barrel and you will see it along with serial #.

What is the value of your Remington 12 gauge pump stamped 1903-1905 umc trademark?

what is my 12 gauge pump Remington trademark stamped 1903 may 5 to may 5 1905 serial number u 60212

How much is your Hercules single shot 12 gauge shotgun worth?

50-100 or so

How much is your Hercules 12 gauge shotgun worth?

0-100 USD depending on condition.

How do I tell what gauge a Springfield arms double barrel shotgun is?

as your looking down the gun, the gauge should be stamped on the left barrel back by the stock.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Savage Model 90D pump shotgun and is it safe to shoot?

Please provide the information exactly as it stamped on the gun so we can properly identify it.

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge Sears Roebuck Model 14 bolt action shotgun?

What is the browning a bolt 12 gauge shotgun?

A bolt action shotgun in 12 gauge.