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Mississippi Valley Arms Co.Mississippi Valley Arms Company: Trade name by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company on firearms made for the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri.

Folsom was a sporting goods wholesale/retail business in New York City. The actual manufacturer would be their subsidiary company, Crescent Firearms, Norwich, CT, or it may have been imported from Belgium. Look carefully at the barrels and receiver for ELG* in an oval. If you find this mark, it is Belgian, if not, then Crescent.

It would have been manufactured c. 1880-1930. If it has outside hammers and/or damascus barrels, probably before 1905. If hammerless with fluid steel barrels, most likely after 1900.

Does anyone know the year the shotgun was made, by looking at the serial number? I have a dbl barrel, exposed hammer, breechloading, 20 ga., serial #415407. Thanks! Don

Don - If your shotgun is from one of the "quality" manufacturers like Parker Brothers, Lefever, or Winchester, there are serial number lists available. For the utility "hardware store" guns like Crescent, Iver Johnson, Stevens, and especially the Belgian imports, no such information exists and often the "serial numbers" are really batch numbers or assembly numbers which may have been duplicated in different years. If the actual manufacturer or retailer can be identified, it is sometimes possible to narrow the date of manufacture down to a few years.

Don - These fall under the category of hardware-store guns for which there does not seem to be any reliable dating method. Knowing the actual manufacturer could narrow the estimated DOM by a few years. If you find the ELG proofmark, figure 1880-1914 (Belgian imports stopped during WWI and never really came back after), and if it is a Crescent, that company was founded in 1893.

Roy--Thanks for helping. The shotgun I was referring to is a Mississippi Valley Arms, with that serial #.

Don -Mississippi Valley Arms Company never existed. That was a trade name owned by the Shapleigh Hardware. I think Shapleigh was still in business into the 1950's.

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It is only worth what someone else is willing to pay you for it.

Trade name sold by Shapleigh Hardware of St Louis. Manufacturers included W H Davenport Arms (1880-1910), Crescent Fire Arms (1893-1930), and J. Stevens Arms Co (1920-1940's).

Manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms, W.H. Davenport Arms Co, or J. Stevens Arms Co for Shapleigh Hardware Co, St Louis, Missouri, sometime between about 1890 and 1950.

I can get information on a Stanley Arms shotgun from my brother. He is never wrong, either.

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MISSISSIPPI VALLEY ARMS CO was a tradename used by Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company, 1893-1930. A .410 would be unlikely to have been made by Crescent before WWI. 1903

Sold through Shapleigh Hardware, St Louis, c. 1890-1930. Most likely manufactured by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, CT. No serial number lists are available for Crescent Arms.

Ohio Valley Arms shotguns were called trade name shotguns and were made by Crescent Arms. Crescent arms made guns from 1892 to 1931 and would put anyones company name on the gun if they purchased at least 12 of them and paid for the die with their name on it.

SINCE YOUR GUN WAS MADE BY CRESCENT ,IT HAD TO HAVE BEEN MANUFACTURED FROM 1889 TO 1926 ,1926 IS WHEN SAVAGE TOOK OVER CRESCENT. Mississippi Valley Arms was a trade name distributed by Shapleigh Hardware Co of St LouisThey Were made by W.H. Davenport Arms Co (1891-1910), Crescent Fire Arms (1892-1930), and J. Stevens Arms (1930-1948).

This was a trade name distributed by Shapleigh Hardware of St Louis on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms (1892-1931) and J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company (1886-1916).

While there are several gun manufacturer\'s that offer serial numbers on their shotguns, unfortunately the Mississippi Valley Arms Co. does not. The year and gauge of the gun would depend on when it was manufactured. For example, Mississippi Valley had numerous shotguns produced by a subsidiary company called Crescent Firearms, while many were imported from Belgium.

Mississippi Arms Co was a trade name used by the H.D. Folsom Arms Company on firearms made for the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, MO.

Mississippi Valley Arms Company: Trade name by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company on firearms made for the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri. Folsom was a wholesale/retail company and the guns were manufactured by their subsidiary company, Crescent Firearms of Meriden, CT, or by various Belgian makers.

Manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms, sold by Montgomery Ward.

Your shotgun was actually manufactured by the Crescent Firearms Co. of Conn. They were prolific producers of what are called "Hardware Guns". Crescent produced shotguns for any company or distributor with their name on it, if they paid for the cost of the stamp.They produced under several hundred different names. A Googe search will provide more information.

Coat of Arms of Mississippi was created in 1894.

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