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Sears Ted Williams 300 Guage: 12 and 20 Action: semi-automatic, gas operated; hammerless Magazine: 3 shot tubular Barrel: 27"adjustable choke; 28" modified or full chokes; ventilated rib Finish: Blued; checkered walnut pistol grip stock and forearm; recoil pad Approximate wt: 7 lbs Estimated value: Excellent NIB: $325 VG: $$250 Attic condition: ?? note: variable choke desireable, add a few bucks

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Q: Where can you find information about a Sears Ted Williams Model 300 number 2342500 automatic shotgun?
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Can you find information about a Ted Williams Model 300 semi-automatic shotgun from 1983?

This is really a Winchester model 1400.

Value of a ted Williams 300m semi automatic shotgun?

100-300 USD

What is the value of a Ted Williams Model 300 semi-automatic shotgun?

It's worth 250.00 in great condition

What is the first automatic shotgun?

The first fully automatic shotgun was the AA-12

Were any slug barrels made for all models of the Ted Williams shotguns?

I have a sears Ted Williams twelve gauge semi-automatic shotgun and it came with a barrel to fire slugs.

How do you get an automatic shotgun in Mafia Wars?

In Mafia Wars (game) Where can I find an automatic shotgun ?

What is value of Ted Williams Sears 16 gauge shotgun automatic?

200.00 to 350.00 depending on condition.

Where can you buy parts for a Sears Roebuck Ted Williams Model 75 semi automatic 20 gauge shotgun?

I have parts for that model.

What is an AA-12 shotgun?

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Does browning make a fully auto shotgun?

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What gun shot jfk?

a shotgun a m16 automatic shotgun

Who made a sears model 300 shotgun 12ga automatic?

The Sears M300 (also sold under the label Ted Williams) was manufactured by Winchester. The M300 is almost identical to the Winchester model 1400 shotgun (with minor cosmetic differences).

Where to find information of a Browning 16 gauge shotgun?

It would depend on the model you are interested in. Here is a link for Automatic 16's.

What is the value of a Browning automatic shotgun Serial Number 391868?

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How old is your ted Williams model 300 shotgun?

how old is my ted Williams model 300 shotgun with serial NUMBER273.2500

How do you get a semi automatic shotgun on Mafia Wars?

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The feature of an AA 12 gun is known as Atchisson Asault Shotgun. It is a combat shotgun that can shoot in either selective fire, semi-automatic or fully automatic shotgun.

Browing automatic shotgun made in St. Louis with a serial number of 35202 what information do you have on this gun? has a sn function under customer service.

Who manufactured the 12 gauge Sears and Roebuck Ted Williams M300 semi-automatic shotgun?

According to the Blue Book of Gun Values, it is a Winchester 1400. The givaway is the safety in front of the triggerguard.

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Did browning make a fully automatic shotgun?


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What information is available on a Ted Williams 20 gauge automatic shotgun?

If you give the Sears product code that is marked on the barrel or receiver, it can probably be found in a cross-reference list to determine the actual manufacturer and model.