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==Miroku Firearms Web Site ==

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Q: Where can you find information about a Sears and Roebuck Model 292.51765 made by Miroku in Japan?
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What is a sears roebuck 54 cal hawken black powder rifle made in miroku japan worth?

Sears Roebuck did not make quality guns, they made affordable guns so its condition is everything! 100.00 - 150.00 tops! Best luck!

Where is Miroku Firearms manufacturer located?


Where id the browning white lighting manufactured?

Japan by B.C Miroku

What is the address for BC Miroku Firearms?

Miroku Firearms Mfg. Co./ 537-1 Shinohara/ Nangoku City, Kochi-Pref Japan

What is the value of a BC miroku made in shinakara nangoku city kocho prof japan serial 554395?

The value of your miroku will depend on grade and contition would range from about 750 to 1200

What is the name of miroku's theme song?

Actually, I think it's all just "Sango's theme," and "Miroku's Theme" and stuff like that. Unless you wanna fly to japan and get THEIR version, but yeah.

How much is a Sears and Roebuck 50 Cal Hawkins Muzzleloader model 292.51778 with a Miroku barrel in good condition worth?

Sears made good tools, but not guns. These were kits and quality was second. Japan made the steel workings and back then, Japan was like the China of today! 100.00 buck or less is value. They were not highly accurate but where what they were cheap to own. Hope it helps.

What year was the Winchester model 42 high grade made in japan?

These high grade shotguns were made in Japan by Miroku in the year 1993.There were only 850 made.

What is the value of a 1980 browning BLR 308 lever action rifle made in Miroku Japan?

50-500 usd

Would a tubular mag off a browning 22 work on a miroku 22 lever action?

It MAY- depends on which Browning and which Miroku. Browning moved production of some firearms to Japan, where they were produced by Miroku- so there IS some relation between them. Really need to check with a gunsmith, or staff at Numrich, gunpartscorp- with their staff.

What are the release dates for Inuyasha - 2000 Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession 6-6?

Inuyasha - 2000 Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession 6-6 was released on: Japan: 10 November 2003 USA: 8 February 2006

What is the value of a B C Miroku Japan model M 12 gauge side by side shot gun?

300 USD or so

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