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Where can you find information about a Sureshot 22 cal rifle?

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I am a gunsmithing student working on a "SURESHOT" single shot .22. After brainstorming with some peers we were able to find that it seems to have been made by Cooey. Winchester absorbed them back in the mid 20th century. We believe that the sureshot like I described above is a Cooey model55. I am looking for more info myself. Hope this helps. This is the gunsmithing student again. After some internet searching it seems that the Sureshot was made by Cooey in Canada and was a military trainer of some sort for RCMP. I have seen elsewhere where some people thought it was a Cooey model 60 and a 75. hopes this helps. Mike the student Gunsmithing Student: See John A. Belton's "Cooey Firearms: Made in Canada 1919 - 1979". In this Historical Arms Series No. 28 book, 32 pp., Mr. Belton says of the "Sure Shot" that it was "A house brand .22 caliber rifle and shotgun line made by Cooey for the Robert Simpson Co. Ltd. of Toronto and Montreal as early as 1942." You can get the book from Museum Restoration Service, Bloomfield, Ont. Canada K0K 1G0 I hope this is still in time to be helpful. WJK ted janes i have 2 sureshot 22 cal. s-l-lr with tube magine under barrel and it is the same as the cooey 22 cal. model 60 but doesn't say s- l-lr

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