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Carlo albanese jr is my father, if u have any ? feel free to write me, my email is,

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Where is the clown place in Poptropica?

The clown place is on counterfeit island, and you need to locate it to complete the balloon task on the is, along with some information regarding the stolen painting.

What is a clown painting worth by Oster?

K. Oster

When did the artist Julian Ritter paint his work Clown Funeral which he painted to announce that he would no longer be painting clown pictures?

Based on information from the Ritter Family Trust, "Clown Funeral" was painted in 1955 at Julian Ritter's Woodland Hills Studio on Don Pio Drive. Click link below for website.

Where is the policeman on Counterfeit Island after the painting was stolen?

you go too bobos clown shop and he is in there

What is the value of the original oil painting Clown With Cigar by Red Skelton?

An original Cigar Clown painting by Red Skelton can vary in worth. The piece can be worth anywhere from $1000 to over $3000, depending on its condition and whether or not it is originally signed by Skelton.

Where is the other guard in Counterfeit Island?

the other guard is in the clown shop because the thief took the painting after she left. it is the man that told you to protect the painting.

You inherited a nice framed clown painting by W Bayer and cant find out anything about the artist so is the painting worth anything?

I have the same problem

I have a nice painting of a clown the artist name is VASSINI does anyone knows anything about this artist?

i also have a clown painting signed vassini, with the clown balancing a ball on a stick protruding from his mouth.seems to be a well done amateur i can see penciled tracings, then again maybe this is his style.written on the back is happy birthday from gram pa howard.

Where do you find the police officer after the painting is stolen Poptropica counterfeit island?

BoBo's Clown Store

Who is a good clown to hire in Auckland?

Jiggles The Clown' is known as one of the best. Seerelatedlink for information on contacting him.

What is a hal crecy painting of a clown smoking a joint worth?

10.000 USD min. I own one....

Where is the security guard on poptropica counterfeit island after the painting is stolen?

He is in the Bobo Clown Shop in Down Town

What time the painting was stolen on poptropica?

first go into the clown shop where you get the baloons, then talk to the guard who is in the shop.

Are costumes for someone to be a clown very popular?

Yes. Most people like to dress-up as a clown for Halloween. It is the most common costume for people to wear in Halloween and clown costumes are mostly accessorized with wigs, red noses and face painting.

What actors and actresses appeared in Killer Clown on Campus - 2005?

The cast of Killer Clown on Campus - 2005 includes: Bayden Docking as Chad Steve Keyse as Carlos Neal McNeal as Killer Clown Louisa Watt as Melanie Daniel Wynne as Jimmy

What is an Emmet clown painting worth and who is it by?

I don"t know But I have one as well mine has a #495 on the back.Ill keep looking as I have the same question Emmett Kelly or Kelley is the painter. I may be able to give you more information if you can show me a photograph. It depends on the dimensions and what the subject matter is (other than the clown). I am at laughingtree369 at Yahoo.

What actors and actresses appeared in Le clown et le pacha - 1911?

The cast of Le clown et le pacha - 1911 includes: Mistinguett Carlos Avril Charles Prince

What is the value of an Emmett kelly clown painting?

5-750.00 varies with pose, make up scale, etc.

You recently found out that your red skeleton painting may be worth quite a bit more thani paid would like to find out more?

it is a painting of an older clown with war stripes on his left chest

Where is the security guard at night and where did he go on Counterfeit Island?

You don't see him at night when the painting is stolen, but the next day he is in the Clown Store.

Where did the guard go on Counterfeit Island?

The museum security guard was depressed because he let the painting get stolen. He is at the Clown Store in Downtown.

What actors and actresses appeared in Clownation - 2011?

The cast of Clownation - 2011 includes: Lily Aceto as Clown Dara Anissi as Clown Beth Bannister as Clown Rich Benjamin as Clown Lauren Cator as Clown Arlo Chappel as Clown Sheri Delia as Clown Emily Dilger as Clown Katie Faley as Clown Madeline Galac as Clown Eldred Harris as Clown Marty Heresniak as Clown Cassandra Hoebbel as Clown Tom Hoebbel as Clown Joan Hoebbel as Clown Chris Hoebbel as Clown Punita Junega as Clown Rich Kaske as Clown Nora Lang as Clown Diana Leigh as Clown Cresten Mansfeldt as Clown Justin McGuire as Clown Alex Michaluk as Clown Amy Michaluk as Clown Matthew Milmer as Clown Eliud Nieves as Clown Lindsey Perigo as Clown Kate Pike as Clown Matthew Rendina as Clown Elle Rought as Clown Jody Schwan as Clown Gir Session as Clown Sarah Short as Clown Joseph Simonis as Clown Josh Teeter as Clown Peter Van Do as Clown Susan Villarreal as Clown Caroline von Dahl as Clown Evan Wray as Clown Pamela Zimmer as Clown

Where is the night guard on Counterfeit Island?

The guard who was on duty when the painting was stolen is at the Clown Store. Go there and get his timecard so you can review the surveillance videos.

Were is the suquirty Gard at couterfeit island?

The guard is at the clown place. If you talk to him he says that the painting was stolen all because of him so he needed to be cheered up.

Painting by artist c Carson it looks to be from the 60s or 70's or earlier it is a painting of a circus scene of a clown giving balloons to a girl carrying a parasol a dog is also in the photograph?

yes it is by Carson and from the 60's and the 70's