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When was the battle of monmouth fought?

The Battle of Monmouth was fought on June 28, 1778. It is also called the Battle of Monmouth Court House and it was fought in Monmouth, NJ.

Where did the battle of monmouth take place?

There is no such place as Monmouth, New Jersey. There is a place called Monmouth county, New Jersey which is 665 square miles located in central, New Jersey. The Battle of Monmouth was an American Revolutionary War (or American War of Independence) battle fought on June 28, 1778 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The Continental Army under General George Washington attacked the rear of the British Army column commanded by Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton as they left Monmouth Court House (modern Freehold Borough). It is sometimes known as the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse.

What is the study of correct spelling called?

The study of correct spelling is called Orthography.

What is a spelling contest called?

spelling bee contest

The person who makes more spelling mistakes is called?

the person who makes spelling mistakes is called cacographer.

What are they called that made spelling?

Spelling was standardized by Medievel writers and typesetters.

What is the correct ordering of the letters that make up a word called?


What is Excels spelling checker called?

It is just the spelling checker. It has no special name in Excel.

Why is the spelling bee called a spelling bee?

well spelling because you spell and bee because that is another word for a social gathering

Why is the Concorde called the concorde?

The name, a French term meaning harmony or agreement, was derived from the cooperation of France and the United Kingdom in the development of the aircraft.Related Information:Concorde, is the French spelling of the English equivalent, Concord, and is the spelling that was chosen for the name.

What is the alphabet that police use?

Most police stations use The NATO phonetic alphabet, which is also called one of the following:the ICAO phonetic alphabetITU phonetic alphabetNATO spelling alphabetICAO spelling alphabetthe international radiotelephony spelling alphabetFor more information, see related links:

What is called when you look for errors in Word?

Spellcheck Grammar and Spelling correction Tools > Spelling [F7]

Who was best known for action in Monmouth New Jersey?

During the Battle of Monmouth in 1778, Mary Ludwig Hays carried water to her husband and other soldiers. The soldiers called her"Moll of the Pitcher," or Molly Pitcher. When her husband was wounded, she took his place, loading and firing a cannon.

Was Egyptian rulers called Pharacho?

No, they were called Pharaohs (note the spelling!).

What is it called when the same note can be called by two different names?

It's called enharmonic spelling. An example is C-sharp and D-flat.

What is the art and the study of spelling called?


What is a person called who makes many spelling mistakes?

the person who makes many spelling mistakes (or even bad handwriting or both) is called as cacographer.

How do you get into the ugam in runescape?

I can't find information about anything called "Ugam" in RuneScape. The closest seems to be "Guam", but that's a kind of herb. You may want to check the spelling.

Who was involved in the battle of monmouth?

The battle of Monmouth was fought in 1778. It was also called as the American Revolutionary War. It was fought between the British army along with the German troops against the American Continental troops and the militia. There were about 10,000 soldiers in the British army against 11,000 American soldiers.

Why is a spelling bee called a spelling bee?

the reason is because in 1842 a man called john fornen and he made the first spelling competition and he won it but straight after he got stung by a bee in front of the audience and everybody was shounting spelling bee and the tradition has gone on ever since lol.

Correct spelling of an antibiotic called vancomyocin?


Punctuation or spelling errors in code are called?


What is it called where you spell word as it is said?

Phonetic spelling

What is spelling by the sound of the word's letters called?

"Sound it out"

Is the word with similar spelling called a rhyming word?


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