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We'd have to start by figuring out what make and model it is. What markings are on the gun?

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Q: Where can you find information about a single shot 12 gauge shotgun with serial 60751 on the barrel and under the trigger guard?
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What is the book value of double barrel shotgun serial?

Impossible to answer without more information.

Where can you find information about an Ithaca double barrel double trigger shotgun serial 324199? - This guy worked for Ithaca, supposedly the best., this guy did the engraving for them. good luck

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i have one with a serial of 39667 how much would it be worth

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Impossible to answer with information given. No make, no model, no condition?

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Double barrel? Single barrel? Model? Need more information in order to be able to answer.

Where is the serial number on Belgium shotgun?

Check the barrel and receiver

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With the serial number that you provided,your Ithaca double barrel shotgun with the damascus barrels was produced in the year 1900.

Where Can you find information on a Damascus double barrel shotgun serial number 109682?

Without knowing the maker or the markings on the barrel/breech, you can't find out anything. Even then, there may be little to no information.

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