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Miller's steak house was located on the east side of Western Avenue on the 7200 block just north of Touhy Avenue.

Yes, it was on the east side of Western Avenue 7200 block, but that's south of Touhy Avenue by two blocks. It was between Lunt Avenue and Greenleaf Avenue. It was in operation from at least the early 1960s, don't know how much older, and was still in operation in 1974, don't know how much longer. It's been torn down now. I lived next-door as a kid. They'd prop open the back fire door when the place really got to partying and I'd watch through the crack in the door. They had valet parking only, and they'd pack those cars in. The valets had a tiny shack with a space heater and they'd freeze in there, but they probably got good tips. Why do you ask?

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When did Chicago Great Western Railway end?

Chicago Great Western Railway ended in 1968.

When was Chicago Great Western Railway created?

Chicago Great Western Railway was created in 1940.

When did Chicago Great Western Railroad end?

Chicago Great Western Railroad ended in 1941.

When was Chicago Great Western Railroad created?

Chicago Great Western Railroad was created in 1909.

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When was Chicago Great Western Railroad Depot created?

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Was the Chicago Bulls part of the Western Conference before?

The Chicago Bulls were part of the Western Conference until 1980. The league shifted Chicago to the east after Dallas Mavericks was added in expansion.

Is Western Avenue the longest road in Chicago?

Western Avenue is the longest continuous street within the city of Chicago at 23.67 miles (38.09 km) in length.

The western boundary of this south Atlantic state is as far west as Chicago Illinois?

the western boundary of this South Atlantic state is as far west as chicago, Illinois

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What hemisphere is Chicago in?

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Where is bell street in Chicago?

Two blocks before Western.

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Where is dialing code 630 in US?

Western Chicago suburbs, Illinois

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Western Picture Frame Company Chicago Illinois?

I don't know if this will help or not. I have an old mirror (bought at Antique store in Minnesota) and on the back is a paper label that says: Western Picture Frame Co., 2600-26?? South Union Avenue, Chicago, Ill. Item No. 1628. I too would like to know more about this company - when it was in business and for how long. At least the little information I have gives a location.

Where can one find more information on Western Mediterranean Cruises?

One can find more information on Western Mediterranean Cruises through Carnival, NCL, and Princess Cruise Lines. Other places to look for more information include Western Mediterranean Cruise Basics and Cruise Critic.

How long does it take for Mail from Chicago to Reach an address in the western suburb of Chicago?

First Class mail between Chicago and most of its suburbs is delivered the next day (except Sundays and holidays), but that is not guaranteed.

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