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WWII Aces happened in 2008.

WWII Aces was created on 2008-03-21.

It would take too long to list all the aces of WW1. There were 587 English aces alone. Check the link below. The Aerodrome has an extensive database of all the aces from both sides.

Aces of World War II lists over 1,270 American Aces...This is the most complete list I have seen...By contrast, there are over 5,000 documented German Aces from WWII, and German pilots had no shared victories, only one pilot could claim a independently witness and verified "kill"...If the pilots couldn't agree who got the kill, neither one was credited, it went to the staffel...Tjm

Samurai Aces happened in 1993.

Quebec Aces was created in 1928.

Quebec Aces ended in 1971.

Aces of the Galaxy happened in 2008.

Melbourne Aces was created in 2009.

Philadelphia Aces was created in 1987.

ACES Colombia was created in 1971.

ACES Colombia ended in 2003.

2 aces is a pair, a straight beats a pair, now 3 aces...

Two Aces totals 2 or 12

The duration of Easy Aces is 900.0 seconds.

The duration of Five Aces is 1.58 hours.

The duration of Underground Aces is 1.58 hours.

The director of Smokin Aces (2006) was Joe Carnahan.The director of Smokin Aces 2 (2010) was P.J. Pesce.

$50 to a collector - try ebay

the red baron he got 80 aces and was killed in battle by a number of possible gunners including sergant popkin and Brown

There are four Aces, one of each suit.

East Coast Aces was created in 2007.

Samurai Aces was created on 1993-04-22.

Aces of the Galaxy was created on 2008-06-04.

Aces of the Air was created on 2002-05-23.

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