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Visit your local county extension agent for information. A local agricultural college or college that has an agricultural program involving dairy and/or beef cattle is also a good place to visit to get breeding info on cattle. The internet is also a good place to go with, but be sure to make sure you are visiting good sites and not ones where you can't find where they got their info from.

Here's some good sites I found for you:$foragebeef/frgebeef.nsf/all/ccf1007

That's just a start, as there is plenty of info at your disposal if you know what to look for.

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Q: Where can you find information about cows breeding?
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How do you use breeding in a sentence?

Cows are choosen and used for breeding.

Do angus cows have trouble breeding?


What are brood cattle?

Cows used for breeding only, or cows that are already pregnant.

Is breeding cow considered as animal husbandry?

Yes, breeding cows is considered as animal husbandry.

What animals have Selective breeding?

You can do selective breeding with any animal from dogs to cows for different reasons.

What is an example of selective breeding in cows?

Dairy production. Selecting cows for quantity of milk only.

Where can one find information on breeding horses?

You can go to the local library and ask for books about breeding horses or the website "ASHA" has information on horse breed. On the website "equine" look for breeding horses and contact the owners to obtain more information.

Is there a special name for cows used only for breeding?

Some farmers may refer to them as Brood Cows.

What are bulls used for on a farm?

Breeding cows and heifers, and only that.

What is the artificial breeding of cows called?

Artificial Insemination or AI.

Where can one watch a free tutorial with cows mating?

Someone that is looking for a free tutorial with cows mating can find the information or video at the website YouTube. Here one can find a variety of instructional videos to help one find how cows mate.

What is a cows breeding age?

A cow is already of breeding age, since she is a mature female that has had a couple of calves already.

Where can one find information on breeding Yorkie dogs?

One can find information on breeding Yorkie dogs on websites such as 'Dog Breed Info', 'It's a Yorkie World', 'Yorkie', 'eHow', 'Dogster', 'Yorkie Haven' or 'Vet Street'.

What is a bull?

A male intact bovine that is used for breeding cows and heifers.

Are cows girls and bulls boy?

In a matter of speaking, yes. Cows are mature female bovines that have had a calf and bulls are male bovines used for breeding cows and heifers.

Which would an animal breeder use to produced cows that give more milk?

Selective breeding, selecting for bulls and cows that have better milking ability, breeding those animals together and culling out the cows that have less than average or inferior milking ability. Bulls with less-than-ideal milking ability are not used on such cows.

What information can you find on German Shepherds?

Breeding history, food amount, grooming, skills... Loads

Do bulls love cows?

Most certainly, especially during breeding season!

What age do cows stop breeding?

When they're too old to continue to give birth and suckle a calf. Some cows will keep on breeding when they're in their twenties; others will have to be culled by the time they are only 5 years old.

Is allowing cows to drink only the best of milk selective breeding?

Absolutely not. Cows don't drink milk, only calves do, and even then if calves are allowed to "drink only the best of milk" is still not even close to being considered "selective breeding." Cows being bred for producing more milk is an example of selective breeding, not drinking only the best milk.

What are advantages of breeding dairy cows?

Breeding dairy cows produces calves which subsequently makes them produce more milk in the next production year. Calves are also raised as replacements (if they are heifers) for the other cows, as these calves have been selected, through the process of sire selection, for giving more milk per year when they mature into cows.

Do cows have menopause?

No. Cows just keep on breeding until they can't anymore, or until the producer feels they are no longer productive to the rest of the herd.

What can you expect to find on a dairy farm?

Cows, cows and more cows!

Where can you find mini cows?

You can find mini cows in tacoma at a farm they cost a lot of money thought!!!!!!!!! BUT ITS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!! COWS ROCK!!!!!! I LUV YOU COWS!!!!!!!!

What are dairy bulls used for other than breeding more milk cows?