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I don't know the full range of their business, but I do know Albert Pick & Co manufactured better-grade dishware etc. for the hotel and restaurant trade, everything from cups and saucers to serving dishes and glasses. I also know they were doing business by the early 20th century. A good reference book on collectible hotel dishes might give you dates, as they produced things for establishments all over the place.

AnswerI have the Haviland Limoge dinnerware set given as a wedding gift to my grandmother by my grandfather in 1913. Alongside the Haviland marks, several pieces display an additional mark; "Albert Pick & Co. Chicago, Ill." in red letters. Apparently Albert Pick was distributing Haviland fine china at that time. AnswerThe old Albert Pick Co. warehouse is located on the Soth side of Pershing Rd. just East of Western AnswerWhen I was a child in the 1940's my father worked at Albert Pick. My father was a sheet metal worker, now I can't imagine what he did there.

Besides dishes, they also provided linens to hotels in the Chicago Loop. My grandmother was a seamstress there. I still have a set of linens she made.

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Q: Where can you find information about the Chicago business Albert Pick and Co?
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