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Don't know who you are, or if you have a bottle from the dairy. If you have a bottle, I certainly would like to purchase it. If you are my cousin, give me a call. This dairy, of course, was run by my grandfather on 18th St. in Chicago. Please respond to Remove the 5 from the address please. Lou

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Q: Where can you find information about the J Kubik Dairy in Chicago at the turn of the century 1900s?
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What is information on Born Dairy of Chicago which was operated by two brothers both killed in horse accident?


What was the name of the dairy company that Robert Conrad delivered for in Chicago?

Bowman Dairy

Who knows anything about Hunding's Dairy of Chicago?

Hunding's Dairy closed in 1967. It was a family run business.

Where was the hunding dairy located?

1300 E. 71st St. Chicago Il.

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What Chicago dairy was guilty of watering milk during the 2nd world war?


What is information about Jarosz Dairy?

This was a small dairy on the northwest side of Chicago. The deliveries were made by horse & buggy. My mother remembers them delivering when she was 10 years old, so that would be about 1936. I am not related to them, but I have a milk bottle as well. HTH. John You can contact the Polish Museum of America located in Chicago at It is likely that this museum will have old business directories that should help you find at least its location. HTH

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Where can you find information on Wieland's Dairy in Chicago?

The Wieland Dairy and Ice Cream Factory, (in Chicago), was developed by my great grandparents, Jacob and Gottlieben (Gleich) Wieland. They came to the USA in 1889, bringing along their 7 sons,1 daughter, and Jacob's father. The Wieland Dairy was very successful, as was the Ice Cream Factory, where the "Good Humor" ice cream bar was developed. In the early 1930's the dairy was sold, for $8.5 million to "Borden", hence the name "Wieland/Borden Dairy" on all the bottles, for a period of time, (stipulated in the sale), later becoming just "Borden". The money was divided equally between the the sons and daughter. Two of the sons were against the sale, so they started CJ Wieland & Company Dairy. Not knowing whether this is a genealogy question or a question about the dairy itself, I welcome all to contact me. My father was eventuallya partner in the C.J Wieland Dairy and the chief chemist developing the formulas for the products. The Dairy was eventually sold to Hawthorn Melody in 1951. I would LOVE any photos anyone has of the dairy such as someone said they had. C.J. Wieland had an ice cream parlor and was regarded as the premium brand in Chicago. The aidry products were sold both in many markets and by home delivery.

What is the history of Bowman Dairy?

For some reason, I thought the family came from the Oak Park-River Forest area, and in googling, I found the following in the special collections of the Chicago Public Library: Bowman Dairy Reitzel, J. A. The Flourishing Tree: A History of the Bowman Dairy, 1874-1949. Chicago, 1949. Ravenswood-Lake View Community Collection, 5/12 SU HSTCOL

Where was the Wanzer and Sons Dairy located and is it still there?

The main dairy in Chicago was at Garfield Blvd. (55th Street) and the Dan Ryan Expressway It was torn down in the mid 80's and is now a shopping center.

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Who owned and worked at the Bowman Milk Company?

My grandfather, Edward Kaveny was the general manager of the Englewood branch of Bowman Dairy in the 1920s 1930s. My husband's great-grandfather, John Klasema, worked at Bowman Dairy in Chicago for 40+ years. He delivered milk with a horse drawn wagon, I've been told, on the Miracle Mile. My Great Grandfather, August Lundsteadt,was the safety manager at the dairy in Chicago for 40 years,and retired in 1955.

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