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Well I'm not sure where you can find more information about the Lincoln Ice Company, but if you find out I'd love to know. All I can tell you is that my great grandfather, his brother, and their brother-in-law all worked for them. As of June 5, 1917 the company's address was 4628 Greenview Avenue - pretty much the corner of Greenview & Leland (I got the address from my great uncle's WWI draft card). My grandmother probably remembers more. Hope this helps.

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Where can one find information on a Chicago company called inland distributors doing meggatone portraits during the the 1940?

Looking for the same info but believe it is Mezzatone

Does Chicago have palm trees?

they do now, but only during the summer. Some company is leasing them

Information about Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, and was president during the American Civil War. He was assassinated on April 15, 1865.

Where did Abraham Lincoln and his familly live?

Before being elected president, Lincoln and his family lived in Springfield, Illinois. During his presidencies, they lived in the White House, Washington, D.C. After Lincoln was assassinated, his wife and surviving sons lived in Chicago. Mary Todd Lincoln spent several years living in Europe. Their son, Robert, the only Lincoln child to survive into adulthood, lived in Chicago, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and England as an ambassador.

Can you tell me the Value on frames from the Chicago portrait company?

Chicago Portrait Company was an organization that served as the "middle man" between seller and buyers of artwork. The company gained immense growth during the years 1919-1924. However; the company was often sued by various artists for selling up-sized paintings of their work without consent. Today, the items such as frames from Chicago Company can fetch between $15-$60.

How did the Illinois militia honor Abraham Lincoln?

During Lincoln's first tour of duty in the militia he saw no combat but he helped bury five soldiers that the Black Hawks had killed an scalped. It was during this tour that his company elected Lincoln as captain of his unit.

Where can information about the 841st ordnance depot company in Europe during world war 2 be found?

See my website about my Dad, as a member of this company.

How much was Abraham Lincoln paid during his presidency?

how much was abraham lincoln paid during presidency

Do i have to tell company that i previously worked for them?

If you withhold or falsify information during the application process then the company can terminate your for cause at any time they discover that you were dishonest.

What were the facts about Diane Taylor's murder in Chicago in August of 1963?

Diane Taylor was a child was that murdered in Chicago during the summer of 1963. There is little information on the internet about this murder. You could check archives of Chicago newspapers in existence at the time of her death.

Was Lincoln president after a war or during a war?

yes- Lincoln was the President during the entire American Civil War.

What is the age of a Lyon and Taylor Cabinet Grand Chicago piano serial?

I also have a Cabinet grand that says Lyon & Taylor Chicago on it. I can't find the company history. There were may companies making pianos during that time. Lyon and Healy made pianos in Chicago (harps too) Many company records were destroyed in the fire of 1871. In the late 1970s, Lyon & Healy was purchased by Steinway & Sons. If I find more info I'll let you know. Meanwhile, have you found any additional information?

Who replaced Lincoln as president during the civil war?

Andrew Johnson replaced Lincoln after Lincoln was killed.

What is the temperature in Chicago during the summer?

The average temperature in Chicago during the summer is around 72˚F

Where was Camp Chicago During World War 2?


What was the action President Abraham Lincoln took during the Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln was president during the Civil War

Was Abraham Lincoln in a movie?

There is a movie about Lincoln released recently. For more information see the related link below.However, during his lifetime, Abraham Lincoln was never in a movie. He died on April 14, 1865, and the first motion pictures were developed at the end of the 19th century.

Was Lincoln shot during or after the Civil War?

Lincoln was shot after the civil war

Did tad Lincoln die when his dad was still in Office?

Tad lived past is father's presidency. Lincoln's other son Willie died during Lincolns presidency in 1962 at the age of 11. Tad Lincoln died in 1871 (after his fathers death) in Chicago, IL.

Who was the president of the north during the Civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was the president of the North during the Civil War.That president was none other than President Lincoln.

What are facts about what Abraham Lincoln did as a general in the Civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was never a general during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States during the Civil War.

How much is a 1863 Lincoln penny worth?

A lot! The first Lincoln cent was minted in 1909. You may have a token or other item made during the Civil War to honor Lincoln. If it's not a penny, please post a new question with more information that might help ID it.

What happened to Abraham Lincoln after the war?

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated shortly after the war ended.during the cicivil war Abraham Lincoln was president and he also got assanatied during the cilvil warlincoln got shot and killed

When did Michael Jackson play in Chicago?

I would imagine he performed in Chicago during his Jackson 5 days, as Gary is so close to Chicago, but I can confirm that Jackson came to Chicago during the Victory tour and the Bad World Tour. I'm sure he performed in Chicago during later dates though.

Introduction of company analysis?

A company analysis includes basic information about the company such as the mission and vision as well as the values and goals. During a company analysis, an investor also looks at the history of the company, focusing on events that have shaped the company. A company analysis looks into what goods or services the company sells. If the company is a manufacturing company, an analysis studies what products the company makes, and analyzes the quality and the demand of these products. If it's a service business, the investors studies the services order. _ Financial information is analyzed by reviewing financial statements and calculating financial ratios. Information from this company is compared to other companies in the same industry.

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