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i do not have an answer to this either,but i do have a picture of the White House painted on bubble glass that says "copyrighted in 1917" by Chicago portrait co. i also have the original frame. any help at all would help.i have no e-mail but you may call 219-762-3304 thank you

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Q: Where can you find information about the Portrait and Picture Frame Co of Chicago?
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What is the value of a picture of the Statue Of Liberty made by the Chicago Portrait Co in the original frame and in perfect condition?

$ 1,000 or more!

Where could you find and purchase a negative for a portrait that was taken at the Chicago Portrait Company in 1947?

I am also interested in the Chicago Portrait Company as I have an artist painting that has a plate on the back of the frame dated 1907 of my great grandparents. I am wondering if they had sales reps traveling northern Michigan to redo the picture that was taken.

Chicago Portrait Company that you believed to be your mother Edna Florence Shahan at about 2 years of age born April 11916 it is an oval bubble glass frame portrait on back in crayon are the numbers 2?

I have a similar photo of my father from 1924 when he was a baby. The back of the wooden oval frame has the Chicago Potrait Company stamp and price of $3.90 on it. The glass is oval at top, square at bottom and convexed. There is more information on the Chicago Portrait Company at this website. Hope this helps.

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Portriat framed by the Chicago Portrait Company It is an oval topped frame with a price of 7.90 stamped on the back The glass is bubble framed with Design patented 6-24-1924 The portrait has 14 1-2411?

I have a large oval portrait in the same type of frame, framed by the Chicago Portrait Company as well. My portrait is of my Great, Great Grandmother, and the portrait was probably taken in the 1930's or 1940's, haven't narrowed that down yet.

Can anyone tell me about western picture frame company in Chicago IL?

I'd like to know too

Antique painting made by Franklin framed by the Franklin picture frame co in Chicago back in 1951 the picture is of a Swiss alpine house?


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Western Picture Frame Company Chicago Illinois?

I don't know if this will help or not. I have an old mirror (bought at Antique store in Minnesota) and on the back is a paper label that says: Western Picture Frame Co., 2600-26?? South Union Avenue, Chicago, Ill. Item No. 1628. I too would like to know more about this company - when it was in business and for how long. At least the little information I have gives a location.

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