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Hi, I don't think you will find much on the internet about this topic. This is "very old" , you will need a lot of "???" and diggings into the National Library in Manila, Philippines if you want to find anything of significance. There are also small libraries in some Philippine Provinces and historical sites down south in Mindanao,Philippines that will probably have many documents regarding this topic but definitely not on the internet.


A number of websites are devoted to this topic. Your best bet is to start with genealogy sites because some of them have compiled records of soldiers who served during the conflict. The National Archives (US) have some resources as well. Do a search with Spanish-American war and follow the list of recommended links. Access Geneology has one of the best collection of links as well.

Start with finding out what troops served. Once you find the names of the regiments, do a search in the archives for specific names. For example, the 13th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry served in the war. Search their records to find out where they served. If they served in the Philipinnes, then find their muster roll.

I've included a link to the Access Geneology's Spanish American War records. Start there. It lists all the regiments and where to find the muster rolls. It is a treasure trove of info.

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Q: Where can you find information about the men who served during the Philippine Insurrection?
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