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Made by Marlin from 1962-1965. We have some parts for that model.

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Both! You can cock the hammer and pull trigger for single action. Or, for double action just pull the trigger straight through.

Please state the model and the condition of the revolver. Without that no estimate of value can be determined.

Yes, The model 41 was made by Marlin. It was based off of their model 101.

Edward A. Higgins has written: 'Fallacies of Henry George exposed and refuted' -- subject(s): Single tax

Single action means the trigger only performs a single action; it drops the hammer to fire the gun. The hammer on a single action gun must be cocked before the gun can be fired.

With no other information the price range can be 500-5000

Sig Sauer pistols can be single action only. They can also be double, single action where the first shot is double action and the following shots are single action. Also they can be double action only, or they can be double action Kellerman. They give many options for the shooters preference. Just a quick answer without a lot of detail.

Generally speaking, a single action gun is a gun that has to be cocked before it can be fired. The term "single action" comes from the fact that the trigger only has a single function; it drops the hammer to fire the gun. A good example of a single action handgun is a 1911 style or a Browning Hi-Power. Also, the old style "cowboy" revolvers are single action.

single action pistol means that the hammer has to be cocked back in order to fire. double action means you merely have to pull the trigger back and the gun will fire. some double action guns can be fired single action or double action.

Not enough information to answer that question. Need to know the other markings.

Depends on when it was manufactured. The original models were single action; later models were double action only (DAO).

All Ruger Blackhawks and Super Blackhawks are single-action revolvers. And google is free... all black hawks are single action, but the rugar red hawk is double action. hope this helps

If the vendor code starts with 101 it was made by savage arms a model 94 Stevens shotgun common as dirt but a good old gun

your colt single action was made in 1970.

Single action The action mechanism would be the hammer with flint.

In short, no. I have a single shot lever action Ithaca rifle, and a turn action Garcia Bronco .22. There have been auto ejecting single shots, and a LOT of bolt action single shots. The "trapdoor" Springfield rifle was not a break action.

If it is Colt single action army, then it was made in 1889.

The single-action trigger performs only the one action of releasing the hammer to fire the bullet. The hammer must be cocked for this to occurr.

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