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The answer is simple, go to the Nogales Doctors/Dentists Directory at You will find web pages with credentials, services, pictures, maps, hours and contact information for Saturno & Renteria (under Border Dental) and Rios (under Dental Rios.) The only information for Boj�rquez is an Address and Nogales phone. It is a great resource for people to make an intelligent decision about their health care.

Most medical professionals in Nogales have equivalent education and professional offices equipped to US Standards. Generally expect to get between 40 and 60% Savings for the same care in Arizona. The Directory lists over 250 Doctors and Dentists in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. There are several newspaper articles about it in the Arizona Daily Star (June, I think) and the Green Valley Daily News.


2009-12-17 19:30:18
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How many dentists are there in the World ?

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