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What instruments are used in Kwaito music?

Kwaito music originated in the 1990s in Johannesburg, South Africa. Instruments used to make kwaito music include synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers.

What is kwaito music and where does originate?

Kwaito music is an African music genre with elements of slowed down Euro-house. Kwaito artists either sing, rap or chant over the beat. Kwaito originated in Soweto, South Africa in the late 80's but became popular in the 90's when SA got its freedom. Mdu Masilela is the pioneer of this music genre.

What are traditional south African music styles?

Marabi and Afrikaans music are some classic South African music styles. Reggae, gospel and kwaito are some more modern styles popular in South Africa.

What kind of music is played in South Africa?

ALL types - from Rock to Classical. Also uniquely South African types such as kwaito, Afrikaans music and traditional zulu, sotho etc music. --------------------------------------------------- For such a large country there is bound to be a diverse range of musical tastes. Many acts from the USA and the UK are popular in South Africa. There are also a number of rock and pop bands from South Africa who regularly have large crowds attend their gigs, such as, The Parlotones

Where can you find information about lullaby music in South Africa?

Im not sure wether you meant buying a lullaby music in south Africa or South African lullabys but i hope this helps. - 261k -

What songs are identified with South Africa?

Well, as far as I know, Kwaito music, and some forms of house music originate from South Africa. It's difficult to place a single song to it, but some prime examples of the most popular are Nkalakatha by Mandoza (this was a huge hit), and Fairytale by Liquid Deep (which is currently a huge hit). Both are available on youtube with links to other South African Artists and music. Also, the National Anthem, Nkosi Sikelel' iafrika (God Bless Africa) is well known. Another example can be the soundtrack to The Lion King, the African themes were composed by Lebo M, who is a South African. However, due to the broad cultural diversity in South Africa, associating one particular type of music is very difficult.

What is the best music in Africa?

Its Nigeria Music because its mostly played in west, East and South of Africa.

Where is samba music originally from?

South Africa.

Does south Africa have rock music?


Who is the best kwaito artist in Namibia?

EES, or Easy Eric Sell, is considered by many to be the best Kwaito artist in Namibia. Some other popular artists for this music genre are Chipolopolo, OmZoo, and PDK.

Where was rap music invented?

Jamaica, South Africa

Where can you get music of the hurricanes band of south Africa?

Who is vidyasagar of south India?

Chandra Vidyasagar of South Africa is a music director.

Did they dance to solw music or to fast music or both in south Africa?

they dance to both

What are the south Africa instruments used for?

To make music obviously.

Which college can you go to to get a degree in music in South Africa?

For the source and detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section indicated below.

How much does a music teacher earn annually in South Africa?

How much does a music teacher make?

What are the values of music in South Africa?

physical ftness,enjoyment,relaxation,etc

What music do they play in africa?

They play music that sounds sort of like Jamican Music but they say it in a different language then we south Carolina people

How much does a South African Popular music producer earn?

A typical music producer can earn between 20k to 1 million per year. South Africa is also one of the music loving nation.

From what country does music producer DJ Cleo originate?

DJ Cleo is an influential music producer specializing in dance music. He is regarded as an eclectic music producer and he originates from South Africa.

What music do they dance to in pantsula dance?

Pantsula dance was originally danced to live street music. As radio became more prevalent, it was danced to American and pop-style world music. After the 1990s, the main music became kwaito, which is multilingual music combining English and African cultures.

How did the rastafarian religion come to south Africa?

By reggae music, especialy when bob Marley was singing about it he gave teachings & guidance thru his music

Who was the artist senzo mthethwa?

Senzo Mhtethwa is a local gospel reggae artist in South Africa. he sings in his mothertongue(Isizulu) and in English, his music create massive reggae vibes in South Africa, and his music is getting airplay on SABC radio stations. (from Ras Mafled)

When did music 1st start in Africa?

When did music 1st start in Africa?

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