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Q: Where can you find information on Peru?
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Where can one find information regarding Peru Adventure travel?

You can find information regarding Peru Adventure travel online from the Apus-Peru website. Once on the website, you can get more information and learn how to book a trip.

Where could one find information on Tours in Peru?

There are many informative websites with information about various tours in Peru. One can find information on sites such as Lonely Planet, Adventure-Life, G Adventures and Limatours.

Where can one find more information about Aguas Calientes in Peru?

One can find more information about Aguas Calientes in Peru through travel books and travel sites. The Trip Advisor offers good information on Aguas Calientes.

Where can one find information about vacations in Peru?

Peru vacation information is available at Trip Advisor, which is a great resource. There are traveller reviews, photos, pricing, and advice available on their website.

Where can someone find information on attractions in Peru?

One may find information on attractions in Peru by visiting the website Expedia. They have a good system that show the main tourist sites with reviews on cost, hotels and restaurants in the area.

Where can a person find information on Peru vacation packages?

There are many ways to find information on Peru vacation packages. One great avenue open is that you can contact your local travel agency to check out any packages they have available for the trip you are wanting to take. There is also always the internet. You will find many sites and travel agencies that offer Peru vacation packages. It all comes down to what you are looking for in your vacation.

Where can one find information on Lake Titicaca in Peru?

Information on Lake Titicaca in Peru can be found using Wikipedia. There are also other websites such as lone planet and trip advisor would be able to help you as they use personal reviews.

Where can I get a Peru travel guide and advice on the country?

Peru For Less is a popular website that caters to this. Another is Escape to Peru. When all else fails, check with a local travel agency as they should be able to find all the information you need.

Where would you find the nazca lines?

Peru ---------------- Where is Peru and where in Peru?

Information about Peru?

it's perty

Where can one book for a holiday in Peru?

One can book a holiday in Peru by going online to various travel websites such as Orbitz. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find more information on their official website.

Where can you find Machu Picchu?


What did francisco pizzaro find?


Where can you find morochas cookies?


What did Francisco Pizarro find in Peru?

Pizarro found the Inca Empire and lots of gold in Peru.

What was Peru called before it was called Peru?

Tahuantinsuyu.For more information about the origins of "Peru," see the related link below.

In which countries will you find Lake Titicaca?

Bolivia and Peru.It is on the border of Peru and Bolivia.

The country between the country Peru and Paraguay?

The country mostly in between Peru and Paraguay is Bolivia. Search Bolivia to get more information.

Where can you find a hedgehog puffin and a badger?

Well, You can find it in argentia and Peru

How do you find a vacation rental in Lima Peru?

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find city and country with 12s 77w?

Peru i think

Does Peru have a mountain you can ski?

There are no ski resorts in Peru, but it is possible to find an outfitter who will arrange a ski-mountaineering expedition.

Do green card holders need visa to visit to Peru?

You would need to apply for a visa at your local consulate, the process is different depending on whether you're traveling as a tourist or for business. For example, if you're visiting as a tourist, you would need your greencard, your round trip plane ticket or bookings to Peru, 1 passport photo, a copy of your bank statement and $30 fee pay in cash or money order to the Peru consulate. To find out the contact information of your local Peru consulate, feel free to visit the related link for more information.

How do people in Peru get around?

you can find it own, that is your job

Where would you find the population of Peru?