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Visit the Detroit Tigers Memorabilia website for details and information. See related links below.

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What Detroit Tigers uniform had a star on it?

The Negro League

What color are Detroit Tigers uniform?

Orange white and blue

How do you describe the Detroit Tigers uniform?

white with old English D

Did the Detroit Tigers uniform ever have 'Tigers' written on the front?

Yes, in 1960. It was the home uniform, and was the only time from 1934 to present day that the home uniform was different. Rumor has it that a Dodgers executive was hired on the Tigers, and this was his idea.

What are the Detroit Tigers' team colors in 1975?

The Tigers uniform colors are navy blue, orange, white, and gray.

How did the Detroit Tigers get their team colors from?

Teams in the beginning of baseball history wore only white or grey. The Tigers were no exception and added orange into their uniform later on.

When were the Detroit Tigers founded?

The Detroit Tigers were founded in 1901.

When was Detroit Tigers created?

Detroit Tigers was created in 1894.

What stadium do the Detroit Tigers?

The Detroit Tigers play at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit.

How would you describe the Detroit Tigers uniform?

odd in that they have a white d on their cover at home and an orange d on their cover while away.

What is Detroit tigers address?

The Detroit Tigers address is :Detroit Tigers (MLB Team) Comerica Park 2100 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48201 USA

What is the name of the Detroit Tigers mascot?

The mascot for the Detroit Tigers is called Paws.

What division do the Detroit Tigers play in?

The Detroit Tigers play in the Central Division.

Is there a Detroit Tigers Hall of Fame?

I believe there is but I have found no information concerning who is in it. I have put a link on this page that has discussions concerning the Detroit Tiger Hall of Fame. If this doesn't get you the answers you are looking for you could always try the Tigers offices: Detroit TigersComerica Park2100 Woodward Ave.Detroit, MI 48201(313) 962-4000

What was the Detroit Tigers record in 1984?

In 1984, the Detroit Tigers had a 104-58 record.

Who managed the Detroit Tigers in 2011?

In 2011, Jim Leyland was the manager of the Detroit Tigers.

Who was the manager of the 1984 Detroit Tigers?

In 1984, Sparky Anderson was the manager for the Detroit Tigers.

What was the Detroit Tigers record in 2006?

In 2006, the Detroit Tigers had a 95-67 record.

What was the Detroit Tigers record in 2012?

In 2012, the Detroit Tigers had an 88-64 record.

Where is the Detroit tigers stadium at in Detroit?

The Detroit Tigers stadium is located at COMERICA PARK 2100 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI 48201-3470

Who owns the Detroit Tigers and for how long?

Mike Ilitch has owned the Detroit Tigers since 1992.

What is the Detroit Tigers play schedule?

The Detroit Tigers play the Chicago White Sox tomorrow.

How many Stanley Cups did the Detroit Tigers win?

0. The Detroit Tigers do not play hockey.

What league are the Detroit Tigers in?

The Detroit Tigers are part of the American League. They play in the Central Division.

What players wore number 19 for the Detroit Tigers?

players who wore # 19 for Detroit tigers