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Where can you find information on a 30-30 Savage Westfield Mass Model 170 pump action?


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2010-11-23 16:57:34
2010-11-23 16:57:34

There's a little information in the Blue Book and the Standard Catalog. Manufactured from 1970 to 1981. Valued at $180 in 100% condition. If you need any technical data, you might try contacting Savage Corporation at

I have a 170 pump .30-.30, I called Savage Arms looking for an owners manual. I explained that the serial number began with an "A". He stated that they do not have anything for information on that model as it went back to far. He did give me a phone number for Gun Parts Corp. They did not have an owners manual. I am searching the Internet looking for an owners manual at this time.


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I asked, What is the value, Worth of a "Model 840 (eight,four,zero) Savage, Bolt Action,30-30 W/3 rnd. clip, Of Springfield Arms, Westfield, Mass."

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You may contact Savage Customer Service through their website. Savage owns the Stevens and Springfield brand names. You did not say what information you seek, so we can't help you further.

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Savage never made a model 2 pump action. They made the model 1903, 1909, 1914, 25, 29, 29a and 29b.

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