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To find hammers for old rabbit ear shotguns check with Dixie Gun Works

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Q: Where can you find information on a Janssen Sons Co exposed hammer side by side 12 ga shotgun marked Belgium Laminated Steel?
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Where can you find information on a Bridge Gun Company 12 gauge 30 inch double barreled shotgun with exposed hammers and the inscription on the rib belgium laminated steel?

Most like a utility grade store brand shotgun made at the turn of the century or there about. Try internet searches, the library, gun shows, gun shops.

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What is the value o a Crescent side by side 410 shotgun exposed hammers serial number 6252 has engraving quail gun and barrel has belgium laminated steel?

about 150-200 if it has a nice petina and no rust, decent furniture, down to 35-50 as a wall hanger or lamp.

What is a 410 bayard arms double barrel exposed hammers stamped laminated steel belguim worth?

100 USD or so.

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Where can you find information on a Bridge Gun Company 12 gauge 30 inch double barreled shotgun with exposed hammers and the inscription on the rib Laminated Figure Belgium?

Manufactured in Belgium for Shapleigh Hardware of St Louis circa 1880-1914. No matter how good it looks, the laminated barrels are not suitable for any ammunition you can buy off the shelf today. Did you forget the "watzitworth" part that everyone wants to know? I'll give it anyway. As a family heirloom it can be priceless. As wall decor, it could bring up to $250. As a shooter, it's worthless. Well, someone involved in Cowboy Action Shooting events who is willing to hand-load black powder shells might be interested, but the price would still be about the same as a wallhanger. I HAVE A 12 GAUGE DOUBLE BARRELED SHOTGUN MADE BY THE BRIDGE GUN COMPANY WITH EXPOSED HAMMERS AND THE INSCRIPTION ON IT SAYS LAMINATED FIGURE BELGIUM. MY GUN IS IN REAL GOOD SHAPE ( VERY LITTLE PITS IN THE BORES AND NO PLAY BETWEEN THE BARRELS AND RECEIVER ) HOWEVER I SHOOT MY GUN. I TOOK IT TO A GUNSMITH AND HE INSPECTED IT, HE TOLD ME HE WOULDNT BE SCARED TO SHOOT IT WITH A LIGHT LOAD. HE SUGGESTED A SHELL WITH 3 DR. OR LESS. I USE REMINGTON 12 GAUGE 2 3/4 LENGHT 3DR.EQ. 1 1/8 SHOT THIS IS A TARGET LOAD. I HAVE SHOT MINE SEVERAL TIMES AND IT SHOOTS GOOD AND DOESNT KICK VERY HARD, MINE HAS WHAT IS CALLED A OPEN CHOKE.

Info need on a liege belgium 12 ga side by side nickel plated shotgun exposed hammers marked Washington arms?


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nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

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12 gauge single shot it might been made 1921?

my info says it was an 1883. on further review, the info I've got says that it was PATENT 1883. double barrel, laminated steel w/exposed hammers. it has a stamp of a dog sitting upright next to a tree with some kind of bird hanging from it.

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