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Various other websites list this as a Western Field brand sold at Montgomery Wards but manufactured by Mossberg (hence the M in the model number). The Mossberg model number is 402

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Q: Where can you find information on a Western Field model m865 lever action 22 rifle?
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Where do you find a repair manual for a Western Field model M72 lever action?

You must have a Western Field Model 72C lever action rifle, which is a Mossberg 472C. Try or eBay for an owner's manual. A repair manual is going to be tough as the gun is not well known.

Who made the Western Field 3030 M72 lever action for Montgomery Ward and in what years?

Mossberg, mid '70s.

What is the value of a Western Field model M79 30-30 rifle and who made it?

Western Field lever-action .30-30 rifles were made by Marlin. TexasCharley -- EXCEPT for this one -- The Western Field Model 79 is actually a version of the Mossberg Model 472 lever action .30/30. They sell for $150-$200 retail in VG condition.

What year was western field model 740a-emn 30-30 lever action made?


What would be the value of a revelation western field model 103 lever action single shot 22 rifle?


What year was the first western field model 740a-emn 30-30 lever action made?


What is the age and value of western field 740a?

I can say that the Western field model 740A is the Marlin model 336 lever action rifle that was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field).These rifles are valued at between 200-300 dollars,depending on the overall condition and a good bore.

Who manufactured Sears 30-30 lever action rifle?

The Sears 30/30 lever action was manufactured by Winchester Western.

What company built Western Field lever action rifles?

marlin,stevens,savage Answer 2 To the best of my knowledge Montgomery wards commissioned the rifles through other companies I own A model 895 22 caliber lever action And it is a commissioned Moseberg 402

Who made the 30-30 Western Field M79 lever action for Montgomery Ward and where can you get a repair manual for it?

This 30/30 lever action rifle was made by Mossberg, its the same as the Mossberg 472PRA. Check out This site also has parts and manuals avalible.

What is the age and value of a Wards Western Field 30-30 lever action rifle model M72C?

The Western Field m72 was made for Wards stores by Mossberg from the early 70's to the early 80's. value $150 to $300 depending on condition.

You want to attach a scope to your Western Field 30.30 What mounting kit should you use for a Western Field 30.30 model M72C?

The Western Field model 72 lever-action rifle was made by Mossberg and generally resembled the Marlin 336. These two rifles are not the same an no parts interchange EXCEPT for the scope mounts. The same bases that work on the Marlin 336 will work on the Western Field (or Mossberg or Revelation versions).

Where can you get some info on a Western field M720 30-30 lever action rifleLike a parts list and schematic?

check mossberg parts lists/ sites. many western fields are mossberg from what ive seen. i own a W.F. M72 which is a mossberg 472, also 30-30 lever.

How do you clean a western field 740 A-EMN?

The same way you would clean any Marlin lever action rifle. These models are of the same design of a Marlin 30-30.

Where can you a stock for a western field model 740a lever action?

You have a Marlin 336. Try these sources: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

How do you take the lever off a lever action gun?

Did it ever occurr to you that you might need to offer a bit more information?

What years did the western Field XNH-565-C run?

Your western Field firearm model 565-c was made by the firm Noble.It is the model 60-66.Noble was in business from 1953-1971.They made semi-auto,lever and slide action rifles,along with slide action shotguns.They also imported Spanish made shotguns during this time frame.Your firearm was also made sometime during these years for Montgomery Wards(Western Field).

What is the 30 30 caliber lever action rifle from western auto worth?

Depending on condition, $150-$250

Valueage model 740aemn 3030 western field lever action?

I recently bought a late 60's Western Field Model 740-A-EMN in mint condition for $275. The rifle was manufactured by Marlin with slight modification of their Model 336 there a few cosmetic differences in particular the sites. Otherwise the operation mechanism seems identical.

When was the lever action revolver made?

Revolvers are not lever action firearms. Sorry- can you rephrase your question? Lever action firearms are most often rifles, rarely shotguns. A very few lever action pistols were made, but not revolvers.

What type of lever is a gun?

well if you mean as in lever action there is winchesters with lever action ive seen a 10 gauge Winchester with lever action its a fine piece of wor i wish i could have shot it

What is the value of a western field M865?

Western Field was a store name used by Montgomery Wards. The M865 was most likely manufactured by Mossberg and relabeled from the Mossberg Model 402. The rifle was a lever action chambered in 22 short, long and long rifle. It was made 1961 to 1971 and value would be somewhere between $85 and $250 depending on condition.

Where can you find a firing pin for a western field 22 caliber lever action rifle?

Probably one available from Numrich Arms (, but you should probably let your local gunsmith replace it, so you might as well order it from him.

Western Auto 22 lever-action rifle revelation R117A?

I believe you have a Mossberg model 400 Palomino. It a .22 lever action tubular magazine walnut stock made 1959-64.. Around $100 in good condition.

Western-auto 30-30 caliber lever action rifle?

Most likely it's a savage model 30D-30E-30F or 30-30AC