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Where can you find information on a double barrel external hammer 12ga shotgun marked Bluegrass that was sold by Belknap Hardware?


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2006-02-06 04:00:54
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If it is marked only Blue Grass, not Blue Grass Model 1900 or Bluegrass Arms Co, and is a hammer double, it was made by Hopkins & Allen Arms, 1896 to 1915, according to Vorisek's Shotgun Markings.

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Belknap Hardware- along with many others, sold shotguns made under their name by Crescent Firearms.

$50-$125, depending on model and condition. They were made for Belknap hardware stores by one of the regular gunmakers.

Wish I knew. I to have a Belknap shotgun but all I can find is that it was one of the largest hardware manufacturers of the the time (up to 1940). So your guess is as good as mine.

i would probably say 40 - 60 dollars depending on the shape of axe.

The Essex brand was manufactured by a number of companies ie.. Crescent, Harrington & Richardson, and Stevens for distribution by Belknap Hardware Co. in St Louis, and Folsom's retail outlets in N.Y.

It is a Essex Arms shotgun made by the Belknap tool Company of Louisville KY Bluegrass was the trade name for a broad variety of high quality steel hand tools. Sold in hardware stores all over the South and Mid Atlantic. They made Saws, Pitchforks Coffee pots But they are most well known for their Number 47 16 oz Hammer. The company folded in the mid 1980s. Bluegrass products can be identified by a small three leaf clover that would say Bluegrass Louisville KY.. The other side would normally say Belknap Tool Co. These shotguns ranged from lower priced farmers shotguns to higher priced models that could be ordered with no markings. Shotguns like these were sold all over North America with different names from the late 1880s until the depression. They are commonly called ''Hardware Store Guns"

I think I just answered this yesterday. Volunteer was a trade name owned by Belknap Hardware of Louisville, KY. The guns were made by Crescent, Crescent-Davis, Davis-Warner, Stevens, etc.

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