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nowhere i don't guess. i have one and can't find anything, i did see on just like it sell for 87$ on gunbroker

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Q: Where can you find information on a single shot 20 gauge shotgun marked ERA and Made in Brazil for FIE on the sides of the receiver and the trigger guard pulls backward to open the action?
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4 Major component assemblies of the M500 shotgun?

Stock group, receiver group, barrel group, and trigger group.

Where is the serial number on your A-5 belgium semi auto 12 gauge shotgun?

On the bottom of the receiver forward the trigger

What is the definition of a receiver on a shotgun?

The receiver of a shot gun is the part that receives the shell when you put it in the chamber. It is the part that contains the trigger. It is between the stock and the barrel. I know what it is I am just trying to find a short way to explain it, but I can't really.

How do you install trigger guard on harrington richardson topper shotgun?

Installing trigger guard in H&R Topper 88 single shot shotgun. I am not a professional gunsmith, so your mileage may vary, but this is how I _finally_ got it done. 1. The "trigger extension, the trigger, and the trigger guard have to all line up together, and line up with the pin holes in the receiver when the pin is inserted. It is next to impossible to get them to line up, and keep them lined up. Before in inserted the trigger guard into the receiver, I lined up the trigger, trigger extension, and trigger guard holes. Then I inserted two small splinters of wood from either side as shims and pushed them in tight until the holes stayed lined up. I cut the splinters off even with the outside of the trigger guard. After I inserted the trigger guard in the receiver, I got the trigger guard lined up with the pin hole in the receiver, then I hammered the pin through and drove out the wedges. 2. There are two opposing springs that fit in holes in the trigger guard. The rear one goes to the trigger. The front spring goes to the barrel break release. Leave the front spring out to start. Then after you get the trigger guard back in, you can hold the barrel break release up and drop the front of the trigger guard down just enough to insert the spring through from the front of the receiver.

Which cycle begins by pulling the trigger of a shotgun rearward?

Depends on the shotgun.

How do you use a shotgun?

Pull the trigger

How do you break down and clean a revelation shotgun?

First, clear the shotgun and make sure it is completely unloaded. Open the action halfway and unscrew the takedown screw. Pull the barrel forward and remove. Push the trigger housing pin out of the shotgun and pull down the rear trigger guard. Remove the cartridge stop and cartridge interrupter. Pull the bolt slide out of the bottom of the receiver. Push the forearm grip forward and off the gun. Push the bolt out of the hole where the barrel was. Move the elevator out of the bottom of the receiver and you are finished.

Where is the safety on a 520 shotgun?

It is a lever inside the trigger guard, forward of the trigger.

Does anybody know If there is a release trigger assembly for the Remington 870 shotgun?

The 870 Remington shotgun used to be a popular candidate for a "release" trigger.

How do you adjust the trigger pull of your western field shotgun?

The only way is to replace the whole trigger but it will still have a hair trigger

How do you identify an old shotgun?

The maker, model and serial should be somewhere on the receiver (the part around the trigger where the shells go in). You can look it up using that info. Or take it to a pawnshop or gun dealer.

What are the principal parts of a shotgun?

The major parts of a shotgun are made up of about 10 different components. From the butt to the tip of this gun, these include the recoil pad, the stock, the trigger, the receiver, the ejection port, the magazine loading port, the magazine, the barrel, the fore-end, in the front sight.

Fire by touch on shotgun free?

go to launch shotgun and grab the shotgun and pull it back and pull it forward then press the trigger

Where can you buy a trigger guard for a JC Higgins 101.7 shotgun?

Made by Savage/Stevens. We have trigger guards.

Has anyone heard of a Springfield Stevens model 5000 410 double barrel with a single trigger?

I have one. Case hardened receiver, solid rib. Interestingly, in looking a the single trigger, there is a slot next to it (underside of receiver)which contains a piece of metal which does not protrude below the receiver. It's as if it was a double trigger converted to single trigger. I have no idea. It was made before 1948. I use it to this day, got four chuckars just yesterday. It just puzzles me. The side of the receiver says Stevens and next to it "model 5000" and it has an engraving of a pointer on the receiver as well. ????

Where do you get sawed off shotgun on Red Dead Redemption?

The sawed off shotgun can be purchased from Thieves Landing. Hitting the trigger twice fast fires both barrels. See related walkthrough for information on this and other weapoms

What happens if you cock a shotgun and don't pull the trigger?

The hammer will be in the cocked position. Nothing will happen until you pull the trigger.

What is the trigger pull on a tactical shotgun?

Depends on the how the requirments were written for the purchase.

Where is serial number on Remington mod 12C?

Bottom of receiver in front of trigger

Browning simi-auto shotgun SR 233842 barrell and receiver match gun has rounded grip on the stock safety on the front of trigger guard what is model and age?

Please help us out. The "SR" does not compute. What guage is it?

Major Component Groups of the M16 Rifle?

Upper Receiver: Bolt Carrier Group: Gas System Lower receiver: Trigger Group

What is the value of a model 59 Winchester shotgun with a fiberglass barrel and aluminum receiver and a gold ionized trigger guard?

$200-$350 depending on condition. We are always interested buyers on pre-64 Winchester rifles and shotguns.

How can you find out when your shotgun was made?

take the trigger out and read right inside of the hole.

What is the value of a browning gold trigger shotgun serial?

100-500 uSd

Where do you find the model number on an aya sixteen gauge shotgun?

Under trigger