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Where can you find information on how to start your own farm from beginning to end?

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When you do, let us know, please, because that is one subject that is not very well covered in its entirety. You can find books on how to do the various things that farmers do, but I have never heard of one which tells you how to be a farmer. Integrating those farming tasks into a schedule, keeping up with maintenance, dealing with weather, nurturing livestock, and doctoring kids, all have to be dealt with as they come. Growing up on a farm is probably the only way to really learn how to be a farmer, but there have been some wonderful farms run by people who knew nothing of how to farm when they started. If you can stick with it long enough, you can figure it out. The only problem is being able to survive while you are figuring it out. Good luck! ---------- I can recommend the book "The Contrary Farmer", it is quite good. Light on specific how-to details, heavy on self-sufficiency philosophy.

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