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If you are referring to Allied Military Police units in Germany, 1944-45, I can assist you. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

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How many military personnel were stationed in Alaska during Vietnam?

my father was stationed in Alaska during the Vietnam war

Can a us army soldier stationed in baumholder Germany be moved to sembach Germany during his last 9 months of his overseas tour?

Yeah, why not? The military can do whatever they want with you.

What war was Elvis Presley drafted into?

Drafted during the Viet Nam war, but stationed in Germany.

Where were military forces stationed in Georgia during World War 2?

people don't listen to these people they lie about this stuff

Where was soldier Sylvester N Jarman stationed in Africa during World War 2?

Please go the question link to garner more information and research help. His military record online does not show which battles in Italy he fought in or where he was in Italy. If you have his company number and the information on which military he served in it would help with your research. If you have any details on him you can contact us again with his information. See link below!

Who was the military leader of Germany during World War 1?

Kaiser Wilhelm emperor of Germany since 1888

Who was the military leader of Germany during World War II?

Adolf Hitler.

What country was first to be invaded by Germany during the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was not a military action

Were american soldiers stationed in South Korea during the Vietnam war?

The United States has had a continuous military presence in South Vietnam since the war in 1950.

What was the name of the military tanks Germany used during World War 2?


Who were the military leaders in germany during world war 2?

hitler, goering, himmler

Who was the Germany military leader of the sixth army during the Battle of Stalingrad?

Friedrich Paulus

Did Sweden exports military vehicles during World War 2 to Germany?


Did Sweden export military vehicles during World War 2 to Germany?


Did a Kennedy family member die in the military?

Yes, JFK's brother Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. was stationed in England during WWII. During his last mission his plane exploded over England.

Where was the 327th Infantry Regiment stationed during the Vietnam War?

Being part of the 101st Abn Div (Airmobile) they were stationed in I Corp (MR1-Military Region I). I Corp contained Phu Bai, Camp Eagle, and Camp Evans, all 101st territory.

Where was general George s Patton stationed during world war 2?

General Patton was stationed in many places during the war but his most valuable role was stationed in Africa chasing the Infamous Desert Fox, Rommel.

Did Elvis fight in the Vietnam War?

No He Wasn't In The Vietnam War However, he was drafted into the army and was stationed in Germany--but not during the Vietnam War or any other American war.

Key targets for Allied forces in Germany during World War 2?

military factories

Where were the french stationed during the civil war?


Where did the US get their information during the Korean War?

The usual sources: Military Intelligence.

How powerful is germanys military?

The military of Germany during World War II was advanced. Hitler developed stronger and better weapons during his rise as opposed to France, the United Kingdom etc.

What form of government did Germany have during World War I?

For much of World War 1 Germany was in effect a military dictatorship run by Hindenburg and Ludendorff.

Where were the American soldiers stationed during World War 1?

During World War I, American soldiers were stationed in France. In July of 1918, there were over a million American soldiers there.

Which of these military actions would not be celebrated in Berlin Germany during World War 2?

Battle of Britain