Where can you find information on self-defense products for women in the UK?

Read the links below there is a lot of difference between the UK and US legal systems on what is allowed and assuming the spelling above which is American you might want to understand it before you launch into buying things. Items bizarrely enough which are often not illegal to sell in the UK but may be to use! You can find almost anything on the internet but items such as marker sprays (genrally considered legal) can be mixed in with Tazor guns and black jacks.

Related subject - also be aware of overly complicated martial arts moves, the speed fear and adrenalin factor involved in an attack makes a lot of these moves impractical.

Also you can make your own protection, get a squirty bottle of window cleaner, empty it, buy several scotch bonnet (or stronger) chillis, chop them up and mix with water in the bottle, no one will keep attacking you if you spray them in the eyes with that. Trust me. Also it will keep its strength if you add some sort of preservative, maybe salt.