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Hi, You need to see your doctor or dentist. The swelling on your cheek may be due to treatment the dentist performed or a mouth ulcer.

2006-07-22 21:26:41
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What is the meaning of the song Dental Care by Owl City?

"Dental Care" is a fun, tongue-in-cheek song about smiling and going to the dentist.

Why do I have Swollen cheek and neck after root canal?

Hi, I am having this problem right now. I went to my dentist, he put me on antiboitics that are stronger. In my case it is bacteria that went into the facial tissue and sinus. Not fun at all, and I look like a chipmunk. I thought that was normal until I called him. Go see your dentist, or specialist. When I went for a visit today he also opened the tooth and got whatever else was there. He said with the anitboitics it can take a few days to start going down, and a week for the swelling to go down all together.

How can you take a tooth out?

By going to a dentist.

Fear of going to the dentist?


How do you get out a tooth?

By going to the dentist for an extraction.

I have skin tag inside my mouth how do you get rid of it?

Sterilize mouth with mouthwash very well, cut off with manicure scissors. I really hope the above information is meant as a joke. If the skin tag is on your cheek, it may be from biting your cheek in your sleep. You can get a mouth guard for sleeping and it may go away on its own. Otherwise, see a dentist. He may want to do a biopsy just to be sure. If it causes discomfort or problems when eating the dentist can remove it for you. The mouth can bleep profusely, so you definitely DO NOT want to attempt to remove it yourself. In addition, the mouth is full of nerves and self removal is going to be painful as heck!!

Should you make an appointment before going to the dentist?

Yes. Dentist offices are not walk in friendly.

What is the song that has two dancers cheek to cheek walking low forward and then alternating and going the opposite direction?


What is the phobia name of going to the dentist?


What is the scariest thing to do in the world?

going to the dentist

Does Justin Bieber like going to the dentist?


How can you tell if you didn't or did lose a tooth without going to the dentist?

The dentist would inform me that I lost a tooth.

What are the release dates for So You're Going to the Dentist - 1952?

So You're Going to the Dentist - 1952 was released on: USA: 20 September 1952

Why is it easy to scrape cheek cells?

Because of all the movements going on around in the mouth, the cells on the cheek just fall and all you have to do is to rub on the cheek and you can collect the fallen cells.

Is a dentist a physician?

A physician is a doctor, so basically you are asking if a dentist is a doctor. There are a few different answers to that. In a way a dentist is a type of doctor (doctor for teeth) but you could also agree that a dentist is a whole other thing. People say "Im going to the dentist" or "Im going to the doctor" so it seems as if they are two different things.

Can you die from not brushing your teeth and going to the dentist?

no you can not:o

How do you put loath in a sentence?

I loath going to the dentist.

Sentence for apprehensive?

Driving to the dentist made me feel very apprehensive because I'm oblivious of what the dentist is going to do to me.

Does going to the dentist hurt?

No, it's fine. If they are going to do anything painful they will numb your mouth.

Is there going to be legend of the guardians 2?

I went to the dentist and she told me that there was going to be a second one

What do you do to stop panicing in the dentist?

Well first, figure out what it is that is making you panic. If its just the overall idea of going to the dentist then try talking to your dentist. They may have some ideas for you. Kids usually panic in the dentist because they don't want to be hurt. Keep in mind that you can always ask your dentist for painkiller or numbing medicine. It helps. Before going to the dentist, tell your dentist if you are claustrophobic. They will then know how much you can handle. Dentists are designed to help you. They don't want you to be uncomfortable.

Going to the dentist terrified you until you discovered an effective strategy for?

Going to the dentist terrified me until I discovered one with really great pain relief and a great manner too.

Lip piercing ball is going into your lip because of swelling What do you do?

you can take ibuprofen or suck on ice to help the swelling.

Is there anyway to make a device that could be used for chewing without going to a dentist or the dentist is unable to fit false teeth?

NO NO AND NO!!!!!!!!!

Is it okay to be scared when you are becoming a Dentist?

I'm not quite sure if you mean 'when you are becoming a dentist' or 'when you are going to see the dentist". Either way, it is perfectly alright to be scared. After all, a dentist does have tremendous responsibilities for the health of his/her patients and that responsibility can be a bit daunting! It's also ok to be scared if going to the dentist and in fact, most people are. This fear is normal and can be alleviated by finding a good dentist who is willing to listen to your concerns and who understands your fears.