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This is a subject of much research and debate so I will try to give you the best answer that I know, and if I leave something out I apologize to who ever feels hurt and betrayed.... There are interchangeability books for automobiles, these are coveted books that cost alot of money and are usually owned by parts houses, they are bought from organizations that actually sit down and try to make different seemingly unrelated parts work on other cars... I have never actually used one and tend to stick to forums when looking for conversion and swap ideas. The 1991 Honda CRX Si is the D16A6 5-Speed car of fame, atleast in the U.S.. It does differ in some ways from it's Japanese cousin the SiR, namely in motor, ABS, power windows, bucket rear seats, and I believe the coveted glass roof. There was also a leather interior package that made them unlike their American cousins in that the steering wheel (one of which I held in my hands) is stitched leather with a gold embossed Honda emblem. And a few other minor differences such as lights, side view mirrors, and wheels. For the U.S. model the closest automobile would be the civic 4-dr which is essentially the same but the front end pieces are different and don't work together, plus I don't believe the Si engine was available for the 4-dr in the U.S.. The Acura Integra is built on the same basic chassis as the civic which is why the suspension is a good swap (mainly done to obtain larger 4-wheel disc brakes). The Integra motor is a popular swap and will require a mount kit, modified shift linkages, axles, trans, ECU, radiator hoses (i believe the Del Sol B16 upper hoses are the correct ones), and engine harness--- this is for a simple no thrills swap supported by many kits that can ease the installation. I'll stop here because this can go much further and my fingers don't like to type for too long. Otherly some advanced swaps are the Accord and Prelude motor swaps, I've never done one so don't ask. Most of the engine management and electrical are from companies like Mitsuba, Mitsubishi (don't believe me look up an alternator for a 94 Civic base model), Denso (nippon denso) and the sort. The cool thing is that Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan also use these companies so there may be some part swapping to that. The injectors are courtesy of Bosch, and I have swapped in some Ford 36Ib. an hour injectors for a Turbo install with great success (yes, 12 volt injectors worked on a 5 volt system without any issues). So that is the bulk of the compatibility issues that I have explored. Good Luck


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