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No other markings? If not marked with the manufacturer's name or trademark it may be impossible to make a positive identification. If you can post pictures on the Gun ID & Value board at, someone may recognize it from the style. However, lacking such an identifying mark does indicate that it is most likely a utility-grade gun and as such the going price would probably be about $150 assuming it is complete and undamaged but not in like-new condition. And if gggranddad bought it new, we know it is 108 years old. If second hand, it could be 30-35 years older than that. (It is a breech-loading gun? If percussion muzzle loader would be c. 1810 - 1875, flintlock even older.)

Folsom imported most of these Belgian shotguns from about 1893 to WWI. I doubt if any factory documents still exist to determine the exact manufacture date.

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Q: Where can you find informatioon about the Hanover Arms Company?
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Here's what little I can find in the Standard Catalog. Incorporated in 1902. Used the names Union Fire Arms, Union Arms Company, Illinois Arms Company and Bee Be Arms Company. In 1917 the company was either bought up or absorbed by Ithaca Gun Company. They manufactured slide action shotguns, hammerless doubles, a few single shot shotguns, and a couple semi-automatic pistols.

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This was a trade name distributed by Shapleigh Hardware of St Louis on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms (1892-1931) and J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company (1886-1916).

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Blue book of gun values

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OXFORD ARMS CO was a tradename used by Belknap Hardware of Louisville, Kentucky on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company and by J. Stevens Arms Company. It will not have a serial number as these were not required on firearms sold in the US before 1968.

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ESSEX Tradename used by Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company. ESSEX Tradename used by J. Stevens Arms Company on rifles and shotguns.

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I find no listing for "London Arms Co." Provide more information or take the firearm to a local gunsmith for a professional appraisal.

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Where can you find information on an Eastern Arms Company 410 shotgun model 56051?

I can't find a cross-reference for that number, but Eastern Arms was a trade name used by Sears Roebuck. Most of the shotguns were made by Stevens/Savage.

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Central Arms Company was a trade name used by the W.H. Davenport Firearms Company on shotguns made for the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis. MO.

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