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Where can you find instructions that show how to remove brakes on drum?

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The best way is to get a "Haynes Manual" from any auto part store or book store an it will tell you how to do it step by step. They are also inexpensive. Go to and review their repair instructions. The guidence in Haynes manuals tend to be incomplete for any given year because the book covers 10 model years. Also Haynes manuals used to be cheap but now they're $17 at Autozone.

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Where can I find drum brake pads?

You can find the drum brakes on your car by getting the needed parts from an auto store then either taking the car to a mechanic or finding a step by step instructions.

What steps are taken to replace drum brakes?

Replacing drum brakes requires that you have special equipment and is rather sensitive work. Remember that a mistake here can be devastating, and make sure you're up to the task. If you decide to do the work yourself, you can find step-by-step instructions at

Where online can I find step-by-step instructions on repairing drum brakes?

Go to website which has a forum or a collection of professionals to help you repair drum brakes. Try calling a place like auto zone or mechanic shop and they may help you.

Where can I find a guide on how to change drum brakes?

You can find a guide on how to change drum brakes very easily at any of your local automotive centers. If you can't find a local automotive centers, most gas stations can give you a guide as well.

How do you replace the rear drum brakes on a 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity sedan?

I would suggest you look in either a Chilton or Haynes manual for the proper steps to take to replace your car's rear brakes. There you will find instructions as well as illustrations that will help to get a proper job.

Do you need to take off tires to inspect brakes?

I prefer to remove the tires to properly inspect my brakes whether for disc brakes or for drum brakes. It is not necessary though and you'll likely find most repair shops will do a brake inspection with the tires on unless they want to be able to show you the wear and remaining brake linings.

Why does my 1989 Chevy Celebrity sink down noticeably and back slightly when apply brakes?

It sounds like your brakes are grabbing, which is often caused by oil, grease or brake fluid on the brake shoes or drums. Take the brake drum off and if you find any contamination on the lining or the drum use brake cleaner to remove it.

Where can you find a diagram of a 2005 Chevy Silverado's rear drum brakes?

i need a diagram of a 2005 Chevy silverado read drum brake setup

How do you remove the rear drum brakes of a 1981 Chevy love?


Where online can I find out how to repair my car's brakes?

Websites such as,, and have detailed instructions on how to repair many vehicle's brakes. It is imperative to make certain you understand the instructions prior to taking on the task.

What causes rear brakes to lock up?

Wheel cylinder (drum brakes) or caliber (disc brakes) sticking. If you find this to be the case you need to replace both sides and replace your brake fluid which is contaminated with moisture.

How do you go about replacing the drum brakes?

When replacing drum brakes, you will need the following tools; New brake shoes, Brake springs, Pliers, Jack stands, Wrenches, Brake retainer tool, Screwdriver, Pry bar, Hammer, White lithium grease, Dust mask, Car lift, Brake clean and Anti-seize. First you have to find out if your car is a front of rear wheel drive, when you figure that out, you will have to drain the master cylinder brake fluid out. Remove the tires and remove the wheel bearings. Once all the components are off you can replace the brake drum.

How do you adjust drum brakes on a 1993 Ford Festiva?

Drum brakes are meant to self adjust when applying the brake in reverse, however you can access the adjuster from the back side of the brake plate through a rubber grommet, it is hard to see but in there there is a little gear looking thing that you can manually turn with a flathead screwdriver to adjust the brake pads. If access is too difficult then you will have to remove the drum to get at it, im thinking that once you get in there you will find that it is pretty dirty which is causing the adjusters not to work, and the shoes are worn as well.

Where can I find out how to change my brakes?

You can find several useful videos on about changing brakes. Several of the videos will give you step by step instructions. This website also offers a variety of other vehicle maintenance videos.

How do you remove the cover from rear brake drum on 88 Ford F-250 the tire was removed and the cover was hammered on and it feels loose but want pull off it feels like something is holding it on?

If by cover, you mean the brake drum itself, then what you'll have to do is back the brakes off with a flat screwdriver or a special brake tool. On the other side of the mounting plate, there should be a rubber grommet of some sort in a hole. Remove this to gain access to the adjuster wheel. Turn the adjuster wheel until the brakes are loose enough to remove the drum. If you turn the adjuster the wrong way, it will tighten the brakes. Rotate the drum while moving the adjuster to determine if your going the right way. When you put new brakes on it, turn the adjuster until the brakes barely rub the drum, then back it off until they quit rubbing. Hope I've been some help.. when you say cover, on top of the axel, in back of that plate, there is a screw, Phillips I believe, that holds that plate on. I had the same problem, banging and all, just to find out there was a screw holding that plate on. Some auto repair manuals do not list this and some do. Hope this answers your question.

Where can you find a diagram for rear drum brakes of a 1999 dodge stratus?

have you tried chiltons auto repair manuals? they are some of the best for pictures.

How do you remove the heater core in a 2002 Yukon a GMC?

read the instructions and find out!

How do you know the proper rear brake adjustment on a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Assuming it is rear DRUM brakes, adjust the shoe until there is friction when spinning the wheel or drum, back off a shade. Most have self ajusters on them. Ajust them out until the drum will hardly fit back on. After you put the wheels back on and your done with putting the brake shoes on. Find a place where you can run your car in reverse safely. Go bakwards about 25 miles an hour and hit the brakes hard. Do this several times and they should ajust themselves out to where they should be. This is assuming like above we are talking about the back brakes and they are drum style brakes.

Where is the star wheel on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan located?

The star wheel is an adjustment mechanism used only in drum brakes. You will find it inside each rear brake drum, between the bottoms of the brake shoes.

How can I learn to change drum brake type3 brakes on my car?

Personally I would have a professional change your drum braes as there are some springs that can be dangerous. You can find step by step by step nstructions at,and instructional videos on Youtube.

Where can I find a Diagram of rear brake assembly 1964 Chevy pickup?

How do I release the frozen brakes on the drum of a 1965 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup

Where can you find a diagram of the rear breaks for a GMC suburban?

The rear brakes on your suburban are the most common of all G.M brakes. You should be able to find a diagram in any Chiltons manual.What I would recommend not trying to replace them until you learn how to spell BRAKES!! Make sure you know what drum size your dealing with also if they can't be turned.

Step by step instructions on how to remove an alternator from a 1991 Chevy step van?

1. find it 2. remove it...? sorry, no idea :/

How do you remove the brake drum from the 1997 Kia Sportage to change shoes or replace wheel cylinder?

you are (i hope) talking about REAR brakes, there is a little trick. you should see a large Phillips head screw in a hole in the brake drum. remove it anscrew it in the other hole and as you screw it in it will slowly break the drum free. there are a couple of cautions, usually the screw is in the first hole is tight because of road dirt . So use a large Phillips head screw driver. If you mess up the Phillips head screw you will have a devil of a time getting it out.I find a good rap with a hammer on the end of the screw driver will shock the screw loose. Oh the other thing is sometime the adjuster is up tight and needs to be slackened off to allow drum brakes to retract a little so you can slide drum off.

Where can you find instructions on how to remove steering column assembly on 91 Olds 88?

Amazon, or ebay